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Interesting Facts About Nicaragua | 15+ Fun Nicaragua Facts

These are some interesting facts about Nicaragua, a country of exceptional natural beauty. Nicaragua is also home to an authentic culture and friendly people, more than you could ever imagine.

So if you’re the type of person to have a travel bucket list, you’ll probably want to add Nicaragua to the list. All the fun travelers are visiting Nica. So it’s time to start learning about what this famous and adventure-filled destination has to offer. 

What is the capital of Nicaragua?

Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua due to numerous reasons. Some travellers see Managua as transportation hub and nothing more (the international airport is located here). But others find the capital to be a mecca of Nicaraguan culture. 

Interesting facts about Nicaragua, a gem in Central America.

What is Nicaragua’s Independence Day?

The Nicaraguan Independence Day takes place on September 15th each year. This is a day celebration of peace and freedom throughout Central America, including Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. On September 15th, 1821, each of these countries declared their freedom from Spain. 

What is unique about Nicaraguan culture?

Nicaraguans do not celebrate their Independence Day like any other country in the world. Instead of fireworks, their festivities include cockfights and bull fights. In the bull fights, the matador doesn’t try to kill the bull. Instead, he attempts to mount and ride the bucking animal rodeo-style. 

Where is Nicaragua located?

Nicaragua is a Central American country located below Honduras and above Costa Rica. To the west of the mainland you’ll find the Pacific Ocean and to the east is the Caribbean Sea. 

Famous People from Nicaragua

Many famous Nicaraguan people are strong political figures of the past. Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías, a renowned human rights activist. She had a lot to say about social and human rights. She is more famous, however, for her marriage to rockstar Mick Jagger in the 70’s.

Boxing fans are probably familiar with Alexis Arguello. He’s a three-weight world champion from the 80’s. If you’re a James Bond fan, you might recognize Barbara Carrera. She was the assassin in the Bond film Never Say Never Again. 

What language do they speak in Nicaragua?

The main language of Nicaragua is Spanish but if you venture to the eastern islands of the Caribbean you’ll hear something much different. Inhabitants of the Corn Islands speak an indigenous language similar to the creole, similar to what’s heard in Jamaica. Many Nicaraguans also speak English, especially in more touristic locations. 

Popular Traditions in Nicaragua

Traditions in Nicaragua revolve around food. Meat is a delicacy that not all families can afford, especially when it comes to beef. Special occasions are often celebrated with bistec a la parrilla, a grilled steak marinated in beer and seasoned with spicy jalapeno salsa. 

Nicaragua Physical Features 

Nicaragua is often referred to as a “tropical paradise”. This is because the land is overflowing with volcanoes, mountains, lakes, coconut trees and coastline. If you’re up for a true adventure, you can visit the island of Ometepe.  Ometepe was formed by two volcanoes and is located in Lake Nicaragua.

You could spend an entire trip to Nicaragua exploring the coasts without ever venturing inland. Surfers tend to gravitate to the big waves of the west in San Juan del Sur. Scuba divers love the Corn Islands in the east coast. The Caribbean has no shortage of coral reefs and marine life. 

Beautiful Corn Islands

Popular Food in Nicaragua

A really popular Nicaraguan food is rice and beans, also called gallo pinto. It’s is a dish that is eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nicaraguans living on the Caribbean coast eat a good amount of seafood and coconut. Aside from rice and beans, other main staples all throughout the country are corn, plantains, eggs, and tropical fruits and veggies. Finally, carne asodo which means grilled beef is extremely popular.

Population of Nicaragua

The 2017 census showed a population of 6.218 million people. World Population Review estimates that the number is closer to 6.4 million in 2019. 

Nicaraguan National Sport

Baseball is the most popular sport in Nicaragua. A few players from the Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League have even moved on to play on Major League Baseball teams in the United States.  Baseball is very popular and must be mentioned when discussing Nicaragua facts.

When is the dry season in Nicaragua?

Like all tropical destinations, Nicaragua certainly has two main seasons: wet and dry. First of all, best to avoid the wet season from May to September so you can have enjoy the sun. Dry season is high season because it’s the weather you’re looking for. The best time to visit is during the dry months from November to April. 

What is the oldest city in Nicaragua?

It is a common misconception that Managua is the country’s oldest city because it’s the capital. It’s not… the oldest city is actually Granada. It was the earliest established colonial city on the mainland, so Granada is filled with tons of history. You can also enjoy tons of authentic restaurants, fun bars, and exotic nature reserves. 

Where does the name Nicaragua come from?

To begin with, the name “Nicaragua” can be dissected into two parts: “Nicarao” and “agua”. Nicarao refers to the name of the tribe living on the shores of Lake Nicaragua before the country was taken over by Spaniards. Agua means “water” in Spanish. Which is fitting since the land is filled with lakes, rivers, and surrounded by ocean. 

What are the popular destinations in Nicaragua?

The most popular tourist destinations in the country are Granada, Leon, San Juan del Sur, Isla de Ometepe, Managua, and the Corn Islands. So if your main goal is a beach getaway, Little Corn Island in the Caribbean is the only place for you.  

Fun Facts about Nicaragua for Kids

  • Lowest crime rate in Central America by a long shot.
  • Lake Nicaragua is home to over 400 volcanoes.
  • People store wealth in gold and US dollars as the currency inflates.
  • Bottled water is recommended everywhere except the capital.
  • Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.
  • Gallo Pinto is the national dish, you’ll see it everywhere.
  • The President’s name is Daniel Ortega

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