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Is Computer Programming the Best Remote Career?

If you haven’t noticed already everything is created on a computer. Everything fun, serious, and profitable that you can access with your electronic devices comes from computer programs. That’s why so many people are learning how to program or code.

The internet has changed many professions, especially programmers. When people and companies have figured out that programmers can work from anywhere, they have been trying to come up with the best place to work.

Now, programmers can be free from a fixed physical employment location. No more commuting, dealing with expensive rent in the city, and other inconveniences. However, don’t forget to take care of your back. Check out the best chair for programmers and stay comfortable while working at home.

Why computer programming?

There are more and more coders or software engineers nowadays. And the reason for that is because the demand for computer programs has increased for the past two decades.

Everything runs on computers and other mobile devices. Millions of companies have moved to the digital world to increase their profits. And in the future, there will be more cool and better computer programs created.

Due to this current situation, coders or software engineers will always have work and the best thing is that they can do their jobs anywhere. Making it one of the best remote travel jobs on earth. For introverts, and that’s probably most of software engineers, being able to work anywhere is a great perk.

And for the job itself, don’t worry, it’s a lot more fun than just solving common PII errors and connecting to another API.

Some necessary skills you need to get into computer programming

Coding or programming is all about problem solving. Being good at problem solving is useful not only for programming but also to better yourself as a person.

Being able to work anywhere and anytime requires programmers to be self-reliant and efficient. It’s not uncommon for newbies to be overwhelmed from the so many options available for them. You’ll feel like that too in the beginning. 

Learning a specific language such as Python, Java, C, and many more, will be very useful. Other skills you need to learn are patience, abstract thinking, logic, and attention to detail. Some skills are the foundation of programming and should be learned in the beginning. Others are skills that you can pick up later.

Feeling overwhelmed already? Don’t worry, what matters is that you push yourself to learn new skills. Or think about how fun it will be to travel while working.

The future of programming

Many people have started to worry about the competition. From the outside, seems like the job market is heavily saturated at this point. But in this day and age, 99% of the job market is saturated.

Programmer is a relatively new field and we’re far from seeing the end game. Technology will continue to develop and with new technologies there will be new ways to code. There will always be new things to create and programmers’ jobs is never end.

Despite this development, not everyone is going to be able to code or program. The theory that says everyone will be a programmer in the future is false. Many people can’t program and don’t enjoy programming. If you really enjoy programming, you’re already ahead of a lot of people.

With new inventions, the job market will adapt and as a programmer it’s your job to adapt as well. This is common with this kind of profession, where everyone is required to improve their skills and learn new things.

Not trying to exaggerate, but the future of programming might very well be the future of the world. Every aspect of our lives will be relying on machines and machines rely on programmers. Even with machine learning or A.I, programmers will never be replaced.

It’s never too late to start learning. If you’re already a programmer then you should enjoy your time to the fullest with remote working.

Places you can work as programmer

Like we already said, programmers can work anywhere. Many IT companies allow their programmers to come into the office whenever they want. If they do their job well and attend meetings, which can be done via the internet, all is good.

So where should you work as a programmer? Anywhere would be too broad, but we have some great ideas. If you love vacation, you should try working in tropical paradises such as Thailand, Colombia, Bali, and many others.

You can of course embrace the life of a digital nomad. Constantly moving from one place to another while doing your job. With some good planning it’s very doable. Now you’re completely free exploring the world.

So how and where do you start? Everything starts with you learning how to program. Are you new to programming? If so, start a free course next time you’re bored at home.

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