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How To Change Your Lifestyle With Good Habits

We all know how important good habits are. They influence  whether we have an amazing day or just bored with life. Just by establishing a few good habits can make you feel more grateful, happier, and fulfilled in your life.

We will talk about some of the most important habits you can apply to your own life to see massive success in the months that follow.

Wake Up Earlier

When referencing good habits to change your lifestyle, it is important to build a good foundation first. Allowing yourself to tackle maybe the most important and seemingly daunting task early will put yourself in a great position to succeed through the day.

For many, waking up earlier might sound worse than eating a bowl of cereal without milk, both are equally horrific.

Whatever the situation, giving yourself at least 1 to 2 hours of time in the morning to get the day going is what the vast majority of highly successful people do according to medium.com

While in the beginning, you might feel the need to say, “I NEED my beauty sleep.” I don’t blame you.

But who really needs 10 hours of sleep like most people out there?

Frankly, it’s more about maximizing your morning so you can get the important things done BEFORE going to work. 

Is 8 Hours Necessary?

Personally, I’ve been getting anywhere from 4.5-5.5 hours of sleep per night and have no issues in my work. 

Honestly, your body can adapt to many things, if you ease into it and keep the focus of why you are doing it in the forefront of your mind.

Also, waking up at least 1 hour earlier in the morning gives you an extra 15 days out of the year. 

You might be asking, “There’s no way I can go to bed at (1 Hour earlier) I have to get my 8 hours. Well, this might be harsh but, are you actually making the most of your day? Maximize your day, go to bed 1 hr earlier, or just make a choice to be better than your excuses and decide to make your life go in the direction you intend.

Lastly, placing your alarm across the room before you go to bed so you have to get out of bed has been the best method for waking up from what i’ve experienced. 

Use the app alarmy or other math based apps that require you to use your brain to turn off the alarm.

Exercising In The Morning

While it could be titled exercise in the day, your best bet of actually exercising is in the morning. This primes your brain to really get the blood flowing so you are ready for the day ahead. 

While the exercise doesn’t have to be grueling, a quick, 15 minute workout would be more than enough to get you going.

It could be something simple like:

  • 15 minutes of jumping jacks.
  • 5 minutes of burpees, 5 minutes of squats, and 5 minutes of crunches.
  • 1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of lunges, and 1 minute of situps repeated 5 rounds.

Some more examples of at home workouts can be found at kickers of earth


One of the best Parts about meditation is that it calms your mind down so that you can focus on the here and now.

There are many forms of meditation but ideally stick to one that is very simple and then as time goes on, you can go on to the more advanced styles. 

Personally, the best meditation method that I’ve come across has been the Wim Hof method.

You can find more about the Wim Hof method here.

Meditation allows you to calm your breath, lower stress, and put your mind in the right state. 

When we do hard work, we want our mind to be its highest performing self when doing so. 

Meditation allows you to get to that space.

Read More

read more to create good habits

Reading has been shown to help people think faster, earn more money, and be more successful. A personal development book is usually someone’s whole life written in 200 pages. You can gain extremely valuable information in one day that took someone years to experience and write down.

There are so many books out there that you can learn from.

Dedicate at least 15 minutes per day of reading and over the course of a week and that ends up being 1 hour and 45 minutes.

If you can at least learn and apply one book per week, you will be leaps and bounds better than where you were one year ago.


Affirmations and visualizations can almost be grouped together.

They are great for creating a positive mindset and goal manifestation. 

These are what you want to achieve most in your life.

If I want to lose 20 lb in the next 3 months, I will say something along the lines of, “ I make  the best healthy eating decisions everyday that get me 1% closer to my goal of losing 20 lbs”

speaking as it is happening now, do not  use words like, “I will, I  Might, eventually”. These are all words that  bring uncertainty. 

Speak as if it is something that is happening currently

“I am, I choose, I have decided.” These are all present tense phrases that put the desire in the now.

 Let your thoughts  shape your habits to become your lifestyle.

Ghandi said it best;

Thoughts become your words,

Words become your actions,

Actions become your habits,

Habits become your values,

Values become your destiny,

Mahatma Gandhi

To speak your destiny out loud or write it down on a piece of paper daily can be a secret weapon for you. 

I have found that writing down my affirmations has been a much better way to get it ingrained in my head. By writing down one full page of what I want to achieve 10 years from now, I start to believe it more and more everyday.

 In part with that,  say what you’re writing out loud. This way you can hear yourself and bring passion to your words. (it’s not weird, it’s powerful)

You have to truly believe what you want to happen will happen.

Unstoppable faith + Massive Action = Accomplishment!


is simply envisioning what you ultimately want to achieve, and see yourself as if you have already done that.

Think about how you look when you have achieved this goal. Think about the feeling you have when it has been done. What do you smell, what do you hear? Involve all of your senses in visualization and it becomes a lot more attainable.

Eating Naturally Healthier Food

This might be one of the most important long-term decisions you will ever make in your life. Our food is our fuel. Please decide to make it some of the good stuff.

Eating decisions can be boiled down into a very simple category; if it is something that’s found naturally on the Earth, it’s most likely good to eat.

The more processed something is, the more unhealthy it can be.

What might be the healthier option?: 

Chicken Breast or Frozen Chicken Tenders?

Grapes or Grape Soda?

Oats or Cereal?

The answer should be pretty obvious. If it is something that is advertised on TV, it might be a bad option. 

Stick to the foods which you know are healthy, and look online for awesome ways to make them taste better.

  • If you don’t like spinach, find ways to incorporate it into a smoothie.
  • Does kale taste like old barbecue? Put a little oil on them and salt them up a bit then throw them in the oven to make kale chips.
  • Do cherry tomatoes taste bad when Raw?  Fry them in a pan and put them in a pasta  with other healthy ingredients. 

 As you can tell, there are so many ways to make food taste better. But ultimately, YOU have to choose to make healthier eating habits. 


All of this stuff we talked (or wrote) about today doesn’t matter if you don’t take action.

These are all very practical things you can apply today in your own life. The only question is how serious are you to changing your lifestyle with these good habits?

The people that see the most success in their life do a slight variation of all of the above topics.

Do the right things and the right things will happen.

One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard is:

“Do what’s right, not what’s easy.  Because if it’s worth it, it won’t be easy, but if it’s easy it won’t be worth it.” 

Sometimes the hard decisions are the right decisions. getting out of bed earlier might not be the easiest thing to do at first. Just imagine all that you could accomplish with an entire hour or more out of your day.

Imagine how you’ll feel in two months of eating the right foods everyday, exercising daily, and having the confidence to do so because you spoke it into existence through your affirmations.

All of these habits feed into each other in some way shape or form. I’m not saying you have to do all of them, but if you want to maximize your full potential, these are an amazing place to start.

Have a great day guys and gals and remember to stay amazing!

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