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Signs You Should Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Suffering an injury or loss in an accident caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of another party can completely upend your life. While no amount of financial compensation can fully undo the damage done, seeking monetary recovery for your losses with an experienced attorney’s help is often completely warranted.

Look for the following signs indicating it may be prudent to consult a qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Des Plaines IL about taking action on your case.


You Have Lasting Serious Injuries

If the accident caused substantial injuries like broken bones, herniated or slipped discs, torn ligaments, and tendons, concussions, or spinal cord trauma with lingering long-term symptoms, the effects on your life may be permanently life-changing.

Permanent health impacts deserve pursuit of maximum financial compensation, which a competent attorney can strongly advocate for through negotiations or court.

Someone Died in the Incident

Fatality cases absolutely warrant aggressive legal advocacy from an attorney well-versed in wrongful death law. Personal injury attorneys have extensive experience seeking wide-ranging damages like loss of consortium, companionship, financial support, and more for grieving and suffering spouses and family members after the tragic loss of life. A lawyer can build the strongest case possible to hold negligent parties fully liable.

Medical Bills Are Quickly Piling Up

If the accident and related injuries forced you into emergency care and ongoing medical expenses are mounting beyond what your health insurance covers, then a personal injury attorney can fight to recover funds for continuing healthcare costs, medications, rehabilitation services, mobility devices, in-home nursing care, and more. Don’t get stuck sinking into debt and bankruptcy from massive bills another party should be legally obligated to pay.

You Missed Considerable Work Time

If the injuries from the incident forced you to miss weeks or months of work without pay, you absolutely need to have an attorney go after fair compensation for lost wages and income as part of your damages demand.

An experienced lawyer will thoroughly calculate, detail, and document both the actual unearned income you’ve already lost plus any long-term loss of earning capacity arising from ongoing disabilities or chronic pain issues.

The Insurance Offer Seems Unreasonably Low

If the at-fault party’s insurance company makes a lowball offer that seems woefully inadequate and unfair after adding up the enormity of your accumulated financial and personal damages, a tenacious attorney can provide critical perspective in realistically assessing the true case value.

From there, they can aggressively negotiate to secure a much fairer and more just settlement, or otherwise take the case to court for maximal recovery. Don’t let yourself be pressured into accepting less than you rightfully deserve.

By recognizing when to call a personal injury lawyer to advocate and negotiate assertively on your behalf, you can avoid the mistake of accepting an unreasonably small settlement or losing your rightful claim to compensation altogether. Don’t go it alone against powerful insurance firms.

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