Shenzhen City Skyline, China

The photo above is of the partial city skyline of Shenzhen China. Shenzhen is right next to Hong Kong and in the SEZ aka the “Special Economic Zone” where most of China’s trade takes part. This place is growing steadily and a relatively new city. You’ll find people from all over the world, more shopping opportunities than imaginable.

Many come from Hong Kong here for a day shopping. Expect to find almost everything you ever wanted here EXCEPT a cheap hotel room. There aren’t really any hostels so expect to pay ~$20-100US a night for lodging. The $20 rooms are quite drab and for about ~$35 you can get a really nice place, if you look hard.

Considering Xmas is tomorrow… If one hit this place up earlier in the year, you’d have no problem picking up great gifts at discounts that would make your head shake. After shopping here, you realize how over-priced the rest of the world is.

Note: To see the image larger, right click “view image”

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