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Before we begin I just want to say one thing and make it perfectly clear, screw credit card companies. So I gots this issue, yes? Not your issue I’d rather throw my first born child into a big vat of boiling crude then ever get in debt with those punks. I’d rather borrow money from a dealer down the darkest alley in the world and give him my whole families social security numbers than do that… This is why, listen up.

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Most of the world is crippled with debt, from East Indians in Indiana to European Nations as a whole and lets not forget the biggest debtor of them all, the US. You see people it’s a massive game of control and you will never be told by anyone by me. Why do you think the minute you hit any university campus they just load them up on you? If you owe money, you can be controlled, in fact you are basically a slave, a wage slave. Back to why I hate credit card companies, ok?

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Since this world is falling apart like going to h3ll in a handbasket or I dunno going 200MPH in a sick S500 fully loaded with the heat3ed seats on to give you an idea of what h3ll is gonna be like on the autobahn of life… People who have money are being penalized by bloated bankers who can’t handle their money by way of making egregiously erroneous loans in the name of greed. As a result, interest rates are so low that there is no reason to put your money in a bank… Back to my reason why I hate credit cards.

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If you don’t have money, they will lend it to you at ~11-18% you don’t know any better, if you did, you’d have money. Furthermore if you need money from a bank at 2-3% they won’t hook you up unless you have so much you don’t need it. Ok, I hate credit cards because how can someone who milks the teet of the planet NOT have 24 hour service? I’m on a sketchy internet connection and I tried calling today and they said “office hours are “. Huh? What? Why do I pay a 3 figure annual fee and run the risk of being charged up the @$$, prison style and you can’t even have someone sitting there to deal with customers? (Clears throat, lots of clearing).

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Ok, that had to be said, so anyways now my internet sucks after a nice day of wandering and I can’t get in touch. If you never use your credit card and you suddenly do they often lock it for “suspicious behavior” the reality is, bank fees are egregious when you take your money out overseas so why not just take it from your credit card and get charged less then pay it off on a free “bill payment online” and while you’re at it, anytime you are somewhere that is classy, just charge it to the card so you keep the cash so you don’t have to go to the ATM again and I dunno risk getting mugged by a thief or definitely from a banker.

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As a result, I’m here for a bit, had an early one last night and by that I mean I went to bed at 2:30am and mainly drank orange juice. Today hit up the grocer and bought a massive feed including a bottle of wine for 9E with my mate, then an old friend came in and said “can I get in” and we said sure, for 3E hahaha. We also made a massive load from yesterday, mixed em up. Let’s say I’m going “back to backpacking” it’s so much more fun, very easy to get caught up in the “tourist traps” if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket like cash rock. Already gotten many feeds out of it, cooking at home sometimes costs more up front but you save hand over fists in the long run… Kinda like having the money tob uy something as opposed to throwing it on credit… Just saying.

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So yeah. There are other beaches, I was hitting up this one, went to check it out and the gent I was with was like “let’s go to the real one”. It’s near a resort, mainly families and people of a distinguished nature, great ocean side bar filled with milfs giving you looks that you’re only used to sending, never receiving, it was quite welcoming.

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This apartment is dope, I could live here forever ok ok I’m getting crazy but these 4 awesome ladies from Belgium just barged in and it’s like we’ve known them forever, just hanging out in a kitchen, eating, preparing grub while chatting about things that don’t matter.

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Tomorrow, I will try and get that card sorted again and give them a piece of my mind in a well organized manner. So anyways I am getting back to back packer styles you know… Maybe I’ll update on it later. The backpacker lifestyle is so different from the tourist lifestyle and as a result you meet totally different people and I **SH~T YOU NOT*** way cooler people. People who know how to commit to a lifestyle and buy a 1 way ticket somewhere with a “I’ll figure it out attitude”. That said, if you can’t just throw it all away and go for it, being a tourist for 2 weeks is still cooler than nothing…

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Side note, until today when my Norwegian friend I met on the train and then these ladies showed up… It was just myself that friend from New Zealand and a lady from Holland sharing a 6 bedroom apartment for 13E a night each… Indeud. The pic of the place on the point is “supposedly” owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who knows, who cares but still a sweet pad.

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Tips a well tailored top hat,

P.S: Convenience costs, people who need convenience are people who don’t have time, if you have time, you have the time to do whatever you like and the best things ARE FREE!!! (Yes I realize 3 !!!’s is a sign of insanity).

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P.P.S: Also checked out the fish market, awesome, some of those crabs look so good and considering there are probably lots of crabs in this town, go to the market to get em… Will check it tomorrow if I wake up before 1.

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P.P.P.S: Why get a fancy title and only 2 weeks vacation a year when you can have no title, no shirt, no shoes and be on vacation for 52!?

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