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Beach Bumming in Paradise aka Lagos, Portugal in the Algarve

low tide algarve lagos portugal


So much to say that whatever I were to say would not do “this vacation justice”. Seriously, I’m in one of the best party places in Portugal and loving it.

sunrise in algarve lagos portugal

sun rise party lagos

Lagos, Portugal is a wonderful place even though some afternoons you may wake up saying “I gotta get outta here”, you lot know what I’m saying… hahahah at the “Sihanouk ville” incident. So you know, there, Amsterdam and here are the only places that updating daily is simply a mad proposition.

hot girls in lagos

day at the beach in lagos

I’d leave tomorrow but I just realized my travel insurance expired and if you read the comment on the last update and well know me, I kinda like, eh, need insurance? That and I feel like I’m back at Bishops University here only no school. Oh I met a girl from Bishops here, randomly, random, yes? I’ve never met a loser who graduated from Bishops, I will say that there are many, of that I’m sure but I don’t typically hang out in large accounting firm cafeterias… Last time I met a grad was this gent who graduated in 73 hanging out on the Mekong Delta in Vientiane, Laos.

Lagos Portugal restaurante

day drinking mojitos beach in lagos

Oh yeah, the market is getting homofied by Elton John, Perez Hilton and that weirdo with the wig in Shenzhen China in the place that I may or may not have been eating dog all week. I remember when I was going to switch my meal I said I will take that chicken and they said, that is frog… BIG OVER EXTENDED HAT TIP to the most distinguished gents at IBC, VXX aka the widow maker aka the VXXcycle is the only ride you wanna be on when the market is tanking, like Frank the Tank moments before the “infamous streaking through the quad”. I bet half of you think that a “hedge” is something you let grow in your back yard to keep a nosy / potential nutbag neighbor out. I mean every psycho lived next to SOMEONE…

dogs life in portugal

soccer on the beach in lagos

On that note, saw these really posh older gents chatting about how this grocery store is cheaper than the other, they then bought a bottle of port for 4.79 while their gorgeous wives picked up some ham and cheese. The best things in life are cheap and free, it’s the moments the people, the places. Don’t get caught up in the commercial hype or your life will start looking like a commercial for debt consolidation.

street drinking lagos portugal

weird art

Most of my clothes are dirty and I mean like really #$!$ dirty so all I really have is a polo, I feel like the horse is now the official “poser symbol”. I used to love them but then again I used to be insecure in a life that made me a terrible bore. Also all you old people, when you travel why do you dress up so much? I mean you are always worried about “what is out there” stop being the most attractive lure in an unfamiliar pond, same applies to anyone really… Predators everywhere on this planet and some weird fish round “heah”.

great bar in lagos

good eats in paradise

birthday shots in Lagos

I also think I found one of my favorite bars in the world. I’ll mention it when I leave but I will have you know, I’m going there now.

Tips hat,

P.S: Tops are for prudes and thongs are for women.

dirty feet barefoot in lagos

P.P.S: I love yachts and always remember to just say no to “dodgy people”.

yachts in lagos portugal

P.P.P.S: Met a travel blogger here, you should follow her. Never know who you’ll meet over a mojito…

Search DU JOUR!?!?: movies of people gettiung screwede in night clubs – I don’t even know what to say about this one, but thanks for the visit, you $!#@$# whack job.

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