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Leaving Lagos and Broken Camera 3

Good day to you good people and you dodgy ones alike,

I’m leaving Lagos, now. I tried at 5 am and made it to the bus station before realizing my newly broken camera was left behind, screw the camera I want my 16GB memory card, thank you. Hanging out in Lagos feels like I’m with a future ex girlfriend I should have cut away to sea a week ago. Other people and places don’t change, you have too. Twas a good relationship but like most, it’s over.

I’m going to just show up at the train station and whatever train is first, I’m getting on. I am making my way north to the land of expensive train fares, beautiful women with strange accents to me but with accents no stranger then mine. That or just show up in Barcelona. Tonight, I should be in Barcelona or on some night train to Paris which will get me to the promise land or at least the $#@$# out of here.

Kinda black hole here, good time but it’s just the same thing on loop and as you can see I like to listen to songs to the point of nausea but once a good track is kinda “done”, well … it’s “done”. Also filling up with all sorts of people, a few incidents happened to some of my mates which isn’t cool and weirder than one would expect, especially for a good club vibe city as a whole.

I made a pleasant video with a pleasant woman and was showing here when some drunk bloke came to give her some hung and he bent the lense or the whatever holds the lense and now, my camera is, well FUBAR. This goes to show, to me at least that anything you buy will turn to #$#@ sooner than later, weak.

If you ever check out at weird oclock try and leave the main door open in case you did forget something, nothing like walking a good death march with a back pack filled with stuff you don’t care about then having to back track up the same hills and camp out on the stoop while dodgy people go by giving you the “I like your stuff, what are you doing out so late” vibe while you casually brandish a bottle for the bitter taste and bat like qualities.

Walking around without shoes, shirt and really doing no laundry has been liberating and I realize that despite having little, I have too much and this laptop, I am thinking  of a “suitable exit from this planet” involving fire, smashing or just an old office space baseball bat bashing. I will then proceed to purchase an apple product and begin shorting microsoft stocks. Windows 7 blows as bad as “Vista”, it’s a great view of a horrible operating system. What is up with microsoft selling ships that have patches and needed to me “mended at ports” along the way, criminal like “pirate styles”.

The quest for wealth, wisdom and wholesale deals continue…

p.s: If your night starts and ends at “The Jam Bar”, it’s been a good night, seems like all roads lead there and for breakfast, tell me who has a better deal than Moon Rising? No one.

Search Du Jour!?: – “Splendid Day Blog” – I like that one.

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