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I Am Bored – What To Do When You Realize This

What does it mean to say “I am bored”? Is boredom a side effect of procrastination or is it a state of mind that we are desperate to change?

Tons of books have been books written on the subject of procrastination and how to stop it. But ultimately, we are too lazy to read them. So, when we realize that we’re bored we get into a mindset that’s very hard to get out.

However, like reading a book about it, there are ways to get over boredom. You can pretty much try anything that you think is fun, whether that’s baking, playing this game where you have to shoot the bubbles, or something creative. In this article, we will share with you just some of the things you can do about it. Whenever you next suddenly realize that you’re bored, consider giving one of these 10 things a go.

Go For a Walk

The best way to shake off the feeling of boredom is to go out for a walk. This is pretty straightforward and it requires very little of us. But a simple walk in the part is very beneficial for the body and mind.

Not only do we have something to do to combat the feeling of boredom, but we also do something beneficial for our health. So, what better way to solve two problems with one action.

Organize Your Room

For many young adults, organizing their room is still an issue. However, there isn’t a better time to do it than when you’re bored. It will get you moving – refuse to settle for a boring life.

And you don’t even have to focus on the entire room. If you feel as your closet is in dire straits and needs a complete reorganization, then that will certainly take a few hours of your day.

But don’t look at it as time wasted, look at it as time used to preoccupy your mind and do something productive. It will certainly help you kill the boredom.

Do the Laundry

Nobody likes doing chores and the simple thought of it puts us off from doing them even more.

But the way to beat the negative habit of procrastination is to actually do the darn thing. You might think laundry is one of the worst ways to beat the boredom, but it’s pretty great once you do it.

And not only that, you’re doing something productive and meaningful.


Have you ever done yoga? If not, then yoga is quite possibly one of the best ways to distract your mind from the negative clutches of boredom itself.

A half an hour session of yoga will set you up nicely for the rest of the day. If you’re thinking about it, then you’ll need to get a yoga mat and even a couple of candles for tranquility and peace.

Catch Up On Work

A great tip for beasting the boredom is to grab your laptop and start catching up on work projects. Even if you have no work to catch up on, there are plenty of other work-related things to do.

For example, you could update your resume or your LinkedIn profile just in case you need to go job hunting. If you happened to be a freelancer, then there is no better way to beat the boredom than to find more gigs to work on.

And every freelancer knows how important it is to stay relevant on the market. Never assume for a moment that you have the time to be bored.

Call Your Family

This is something everyone does and we will continue to do so whenever we’re bored. Whenever you don’t feel like doing anything, maybe you should give mom a call to let her know how you’re doing.

It’s important to stay in touch with family as they’re the most important people to us.

Try Painting

Do you have plenty of time to spare? Have nothing to do? Are bored? Well, why not try painting. We have been painting as a species ever since we were monkeys.

Painting is something that is inherently in our DNA and you can even describe it as a trait. Everyone paints in their way. Some do it on a piece of paper while others create works of art through technology

Even if you feel you aren’t as talented as other people, the important thing is to have the courage to try it.

Relax In A Bubble Bath

Sometimes the best way to beat the boredom is to just relax. We can relax in hundreds of ways. But why not get creative and do it an unusual way.

If you’ve never had a bubble bath before, then boy are you missing out on life. So, if you’re feeling bored, order a bath bomb on Amazon and enjoy the marvelous splendor of a nice bubble bath.


DIY is an acronym for “do it yourself” and it’s quite self-explanatory. And even better, it is a great way to beat the boredom and do something productive and creative in the process.

The best use of “DIY” is to catch up on home projects. If you have something that needs fixing, or you need to make certain improvements around the home, then there are hundreds and thousands of DIY guides on your particular topic or subject.

You’d also be quite surprised to see how many ways you can do a particular thing with DIY. So, why not give it a try?


Gardening is a great way to keep yourself busy during a lazy weekend morning. Every garden deserves to look the way it should, but sadly this isn’t the case.

A lot of people are put off from doing it, describing it as menial work. This only comes at a detriment to your home and the overall curb appeal.

You’d be surprised to see how much you get in return by having an excellent garden. Not only are you making your yard a work of art, but you’re also creating an entire ecosystem.

Gardening is only possible if you have the right tools for it. Stuff like gloves, mini shovels, digging forks, rakes, plunders, and tons of other tools will help you in your quest to have the best garden ever.

The last thing you’ll need is the motivation and desire to turn your stale garden into a magnificent one.

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