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How To Find The Motivation To Do DIY Around The House

You can look in any direction around your house and discover a ton of different projects are needed to improve your home. There are those who love doing DIY projects. Therefore, they are always ready and willing to fix these problems and let their creativity flow. However, most people find the idea of DIY boring or time-consuming.

There is no shame in admitting that you belong to the latter group. All it means is that you may need a bit of a push or some advice to get yourself started on DIY projects around the house. Here’s how you can find that motivation.

Break Down Projects

One of the biggest disruptors for starting a DIY project can be the size of the project. For example, redecorating an entire bedroom is very different from fixing a pipe under the sink.

However, it’ll help you get started if you do not think of big projects this way. Instead of telling yourself that you are redecorating the bedroom, start by just painting the walls. Then, when you return to the project you are just putting up some shelves. Breaking down a project like this is much less intimidating, and that massive job you have been putting off will be done in no time.

Set A Time Limit

If you have been procrastinating over a DIY project, then it is likely that it isn’t a pressing issue. Therefore, there is no rush.

You will notice that some people can set to work on a task and won’t stop until it is finished. However, those who dislike DIY may need a bit more of a push. Try and commit to spending a specific amount of time on something instead of taking on the entire project. This way, there is a more achievable end in sight for you if you are only working for around half an hour each time, and your DIY projects are slowly getting done.

Have Your Own Space

You will find that there are lots of activities you enjoy where you do not have to move much. For example, watching TV or listening to music can both help you relax without you putting in much effort. As such, you will find your DIY tasks much easier to deal with if you are also doing some of the things that you love at the same time.

If you cannot bring your projects to a place where you can watch TV shows, stream your podcasts, or listen to an album that gets you motivated, then it may be worth setting up a separate area where you can do these things and your DIY at the same time. A garden shed or garage seems to be the perfect place for a lot of DIY lovers.

Reward Yourself

There is a reason why operational conditioning works so well at changing human behaviour. It rewires our brains to associate doing something unpleasant with achieving something positive. As such, you can use this technique to get through anything you do not want to do- including your DIY projects.

Whenever you get anything done around the house, be sure to reward yourself with something you enjoy. It could be something as basic as your favourite sweet or a trip to the pub. However, you will find it works better if you choose the same reward each time. That way you are sure to build up a positive association with DIY and being rewarded with something you enjoy.

You will find this approach also works in reverse. For example, you can trick your brain into doing some DIY if you convince yourself, that you cannot do something you are looking forward to until you do the project you have been putting off. For example, you can spend the day repairing the garden fence before you head out to that concert in the evening.

Admit When You Need Help

There will be times when a DIY task sits on your to-do list because you do not know how to do something, rather than simply not wanting to. In times like this, it helps to call in a professional.

For example, you can always look for carpenters and joiners near you when you know you are going to struggle with a particular project. There is no shame in admitting when you need help. Plus, you can use this opportunity to watch and learn. That way, you are more prepared to solve the problem yourself the next time it comes up.

The idea of doing DIY is not one that is going to appeal to everyone. That is why there are so many professional bodies out there to help you with these problems. However, you may find that your dislike for DIY stems from a lack of motivation. If this is the case, then you will find the advice above very useful.

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