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Why do I Keep Hitting Driver Too High?

One of the biggest frustrations when playing golf is struggling with the driver. Sometimes you hit too low, and other times you are hitting too high. This is common, especially if you are a beginner, and it does not mean you cannot enjoy the sport.

To best enjoy the sport make sure you also learn the most common golf terms. A comprehensive list can be found which is a great starting point for all novice golfers and those interested in the sport.

If you are always hitting the ball so high, you will find reasons why that happens. You will also learn how to solve such problems and get it right with time. Here are some of the reasons why you hit the ball so high and what you can do to prevent that.

Wrong Equipment

The kind of equipment or a great selection of golf team gear you use plays a significant role in the outcome of the game. Therefore, it is essential to have a properly fitted driver to ensure you enhance your club speed, ball speed, and center contact. That way, you improve accuracy and increase your chances of hitting the ball right.

When choosing a driver, you can compromise some features for others. A good choice is the Taylormade r15; it provides the ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. These three factors determine how high and how low you hit the ball. If the shaft of your driver is light and whippy for your swing speed, this can result in higher spin rates.

Also, ensure your driver’s loft is adjustable; that way, it can accommodate various loft degrees for a better swing. Also, if the driver is too long, it could cause you to extend the club resulting in shorts that spin too high.


You are probably doing something mechanically wrong. Some of the common mistakes that cause too high of a ball are casting the club and improper release. If you go hard on a downswing, the club will release too early, resulting in a shot that is too high with too much spin. Also, casting the club destroys distance, ball flight, and distance. You will need to compress the ball with shots and get a quality launch angle.

Posture Set Up

Most times, the swing turns out bad before it begins purely because of poor posture. With the mistake of hitting the driver too high, there are two reasons why that happens; you tilt the shoulders too far back, or the weight is stuck on the back foot. You want to adopt an athletic-looking setup.

For this, you need to ensure the knees do not bend or tilt too far away from the ball. While a slight bend in the knees is necessary, do not overdo it. The more you bend, the more manipulations you build up before starting on the swing.

The Wrong Golf Ball

Most people do not realize the importance of using the right golf ball. Using the wrong ball can cause issues with shots flying too high, which comes back to the spin rate on the shots. The high-end golf balls have a sluggish trajectory from reduced spins on the shots with the driver.

On this note, the softer and high flying balls can bring about some over-spin. The cheap and hardest golf balls can fly the furthest because the springs are relatively low. However, they can be challenging to play with around greens since they are difficult to stop on firm greens.

The solution to this is to try different golf balls. The more money you pay for a golf ball, the better it is. But there are some high-quality, affordable ones that might be the best for you. Get several and test them out.

Backspin on the Drive

When you hit down with the driver like an iron shot, this results in the ball coming off the driver with too much backspin. Hitting the driver with too much backspin will cause the ball to balloon up in the air and land with a little roll, which is lost distance.

To solve this, tee the ball high enough, so a small portion of the ball sits above the driver’s top. Distribute your weight evenly or place a slight majority of the weight on your right foot. If you are left-handed, then drive the weight to your left side. This will help you sweep the ball off the tee easily without hitting it too high.

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