Golf Fitness: Golf May Be Easier When Running

At first glance, golf and running may seem like two completely unrelated sports. However, surprisingly, these two activities have more in common than you would’ve guessed. Aside from this, these two sports are complementing each other beautifully.

The stamina that running builds up will come in quite handy in a game of golf. Along the same lines, the practiced concentration and focus golfers learn is something that can greatly improve your running efforts. If you’re still not quite convinced, here are some examples.

Improved Focus

No matter if we’re talking about golf or running, staying focused is very important. If you’ve ever played golf, you know that focus does play a major role. Trying to hit the ball right without actually focusing on what you’re doing will most likely have unfavorable results.

Additionally, having the right equipment, such as a high-quality golf stand bag, can further enhance your overall golfing experience by ensuring your gear is organized and easily accessible.

The same goes for running. However, when running, staying focused is arguably even more important. Since you’ll be developing quite a speed when running, getting distracted can have some serious consequences. So, playing golf and learning how to master your focus can actually greatly improve your running speed. That way, you can not only ensure better performance but a far safer run as well.

Higher Awareness

Along similar lines, golf teaches higher awareness. When making your move in golf, you need to be aware of both your surroundings and what your body is doing in order to get it right. Focus on the sound and the feeling of your club hitting the ball and calculate the outcome.

By staying aware of the different elements that lead to the final outcome, you’ll be able to change and improve them – thus improving the outcome itself. This is actually quite similar to running. When running, you need to be aware not only of your body movement but your breathing and heart rate as well.

And even though there are now numerous gadgets designed to aid you in these efforts, listening to your own body will still be your most reliable indicator.

Improved Form

When running, maintaining the correct form is also of extreme importance. If your posture is not all that great, it can seriously hinder your running efforts. The natural airflow that goes through your body when you run will be hindered is your back is not straight and your form is lacking.

The same goes for golf. If you’re trying to play your round but your posture and form are not where they need to be, there’s a good chance that your efforts will be in vain. That’s why you need to research proper form and posture – no matter if we’re talking about running or golf – and try to put what you’ve learned into practice.

An improved form also affects the power you use for each swing or stride, but it should still be natural and well-measured. This is something that will come with time and practice. You can do wonders with a little help from the superspeed training aid and the results will be visible in no time. Always work on your running form and you can easily make the transition to golf more smoothly.

Greater Core Strength

Core strength is also important when it comes to both running and golf. Proper golf swings are heavily influenced by your core strength, which is why many golfers work on improving this by exercising with a medicine ball.

The so-called lateral medicine ball toss is meant to prepare your core for the type of motion you’ll be experiencing when making a swing. Of course, runners know just how much proper core strength will improve their running efforts.

Aside from golf and running, building up your core strength is key for good health.

Golf Fitness: Golf May Be Easier When Running

Practice Is Essential

Just like with a lot of other things in life, the same goes for both golf and running – practice is really important if you want to play compete at TPC Sawgrass some day. If you’ve never practiced any of these two, you can’t really expect to be good at them. But the more you practice, the more your body will learn proper movement.

And the better you prepare your body for these movements, the easier time you’ll have performing them. That’s why, especially with running, the recommendation is to always start slow and gradually build up your performance. This way you will allow your body to properly adjust and you’ll reduce the chances of any possible injuries.

Even though it may initially seem like golf and running have nothing in common, the reality of things is entirely different. These two sports work great together and perfectly complement each other. So, the next time you are getting ready for a big run, consider hitting the golf course first, to put both your body and mind at ease.

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