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The Art of Luxury: Essential Tips for a Memorable Vacation in West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a place that you should visit at least once in a lifetime. Located in the United States’ luxurious heart, it has become a place where fame, money, and luxury no longer surprise locals. Still, for people who visit this amazing city for the first time, it can be pretty impressive to casually meet Leo Di Caprio while walking past Santa Monica Boulevard or Rodeo Drive. 

The number of world-level stars is uncountable in West Hollywood because you can meet all your favorite actors, singers, players, and other celebrities in one day. However, besides the crowds of celebrities, West Hollywood would surprise you with its beautiful places, hot climate, and indescribable atmosphere that you will never meet in any other place in America. 

What You Can Do in West Hollywood

It’s much easier to say what you can’t do in West Hollywood because WeHo is where you can do practically anything. It will depend entirely on you and your tastes. Whether you want to stay at your luxury villa West Hollywood or prefer active recovery, here you will find plenty of options to walk, eat, shop, and enjoy your life in full.

Nevertheless, we still would like to take some responsibility for presenting you with the “to-do” list that you have to complete once you are in this city. 

Walk Across Alley of Stars

Do not worry if you won’t be able to meet your favorite actors in WeHo. At least you can visit the place where they were before. As you guessed, we are talking about the Alley of Stars, the place that leads to the pure association of Hollywood itself. 

By walking past the 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and a few Vine Street blocks, you can check out the names of the most famous stars immortalized in the form of stars on this alley.

Walk the Rainbow Crossing

Even though this crossing isn’t something you will not see in other cities, this item has become WeHo’s business card. The crossing is located on San Vicente Boulevard, and since its occurrence in 2012, it has become an extraordinary place for tourists.

People come to this place to take authentic photos when crossing the road, and if you are simply walking around, it’s a great place to start. 

Hike the Hills 

If you want to see the famous Hollywood sign, you must visit this next place. Hiking enthusiasts will find this outdoor activity even more encouraging, knowing that iconic trails and spectacular views are along the way.

Trails to the Hollywood sign are designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced hikers. And who would resist posting that famous picture from Hollywood? 

Immerse Yourself in Luxury at Sunset Plaza

There are plenty of activities in addition to sightseeing. If you are a fan of collecting memorable vacation items, you can do so at the Sunset Plaza outdoor shopping mall. While feeling like you are on one of the missions of the GTA, you can enjoy shopping at boutiques and dining at local, exquisite restaurants. And in the end, no one will distinguish you from the star of Beverly Hills!

Exceptional Experience in We-Ho

When planning a trip, remember that this will be the type of vacation where you won’t just sit all day at a villa in West Hollywood and sip a cocktail in the private pool. This place is one-of-a-kind, and its active lifestyle will not leave you indifferent to trying out everything. Here is what you can expect from services in the cinematic capital.

  • A diverse variety of places to stay. From jaw-dropping bungalows to modern hotels, the choice of where to spend your nights is immense. If you are planning on total relaxation, don’t spare money on choosing a unique place with a pool, concierge services, and other first-class amenities.
  • The limitless choice of restaurants and bars. Even the pickiest eaters will find a place to dine in West Hollywood. And that is not surprising, as most celebrities live there. For Mexican flavors, go to Tocaya and Gracias Madre; for a vegetarian menu, visit Hugo’s Restaurant; for fresh seafood, order a table at Connie & Ted’s; and for feeling the real American vibe, choose Hamburger Mary’s.
  • The neverending spirit of fun and adventure. We-Ho never sleeps. If you are a fan of round-the-clock life celebrations, the city’s vibes will drive you up. There are so many thematic bars and places offering live music and shows. You will not want to leave Hollywood, as it keeps people feeling free and energetic.

Activities for All, Pleasure for All

Planning a trip to West Hollywood is always a creative task since you might be off the plan right on your first day with all the adventures going on. However, combining active recovery and parties with relaxation at luxury rentals can be the choice that will shape your vacation into a memorable story you will be telling your grandkids. 

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