Biplane Ride Over Historic St. Augustine, Florida


This is the last installment from my recent trip to Florida’s Historic Coast where I had the pleasure of hanging out in Ponte Vedra and visiting St. Augustine. Today we’re going to discuss a biplane ride over historic St. Augustine provided by the distinguished characters who own and operate St. Augustine Biplane Rides. I really had no idea what to expect but the moment I got there and saw our ride, I had a feeling it was going to be pretty cool.

If you’re curious what a biplane is, I suggest you click here and find out what wikipedia has to say about it. I’ll tell you one thing, if you like a little adventure and want to get a great view of historic St. Augustine, this trip is for you. If you’re scared of flying, hmmm I suggest you conquer that fear first as you really feel like you’re up and out there, so to speak. The tour lasted about 30 minutes or so but felt like it was done in a blink; time flies…


At roughly 1:28 into the video, you have a great view of historic St. Augustine and if you know what you’re looking for, can see most of the landmarks. At roughly 1:33 into the video when we’re over the back of the wing you can get a good look at the Castello de San Marcos.  This video gives you an idea of what it’s like but if this piques your interest, I suggest you look into it when you’re in the area. It’s a new venture by a cool guy named Dave and the rates are really reasonable, especially if you’re on holiday.

Since the video speaks for itself, I’m going to keep this brief. Trust me when I say this won’t be my last time to the area…

If you’d like to know more about the place, be sure to read : Hanging out in Historic St. Augustine, Florida.

Big thanks to St. Augustine Biplane Rides, Florida’s Historic Coast, Sawgrass Marriott and Diamond PR for making this possible.

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