Trip & Border Crossing from Costa Rica to Bocas Del Toro, Panama


I told you we were going to go on a video binge and this is the next installment. This video is from the fall of 2012 when I was in Costa Rica with a friend we’ll call “Gavos Rancheros”. Long story short we were supposed to go do some ziplining near San Jose but neither of us wanted to and it was the first time we looked at a map on the entire journey. Our goal was to get to Bocas Del Toro, Panama to visit a friend who sails a ship with a broken hip… Going to San Jose was the wrong way, yeah? Since we’re entering a new country, here are some facts about Panama.

We had a driver and figured we’d pay a little extra and get him to take us to the border. Long story short, they have GPS and he was totally down but the tour company wanted some egregious (modern day usage) fee which we weren’t willing to pay. As a result we just went for it and this video depicts that. Basically this video is our trip from the Selva Bananito Reserve to Sixaola aka the border town and onwards to Bocas Del Toro. We passed Puerto Viejo of which I have heard is both heaven and hell; I mention this as it’s the most popular spot in the region.

The border crossing from Costa Rica to Panama along the Caribbean Coast was basically as simple as walking over a bridge.


Rummaging through all this old video footage has made me remember just how priceless travel is. It’s memories that can turn a frown upside down anytime, anywhere. It’s just important to remember what you did which is part of the reason I’m so fanatical about documenting my journeys. Also, it made me remember how much I LOVE going somewhere I’ve never been without a map, guide or clue but lots of enthusiasm and a few notes of foreign fiat currency in my pocket.

It’s cliche I know but travel and life are ABOUT THE JOURNEY; it’s your sundae and the destination is simply the cherry…

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