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Log Homes: Achieving Rustic Looks Without Western Inspiration

Believe it or not, log cabins, like those provided by Frontier Log Homes [see their site and log home kits at did not have their origin in the frontier of the wild West.

While the logic and techniques of the build may have been localized, especially given what was available for new arrivals in certain locations of early America, log cabins as a concept stems from Nordic and Eastern European cultures first.

log cabin

Ancient Home History

Both in Scandinavia, and Europe, log cabins and lodge houses, were commonplace and date back well into ancient times. In fact, some of the earliest examples were large log structures capable of housing an entire small village during festivals or freezing events.

While toys and American history are definitely rooted in people’s perceptions of log cabins in the first structures of 17th century America, the rustic nature of a forest-built home is as old as recorded human history. Fortunately, today’s modern-built log home isn’t as primitive or sparse.

The modern structure options available provide a balanced blend between rustic features and exterior/interior looks versus modern amenities, features, and functions. After all, a traditional log cabin home might be fun-looking on the outside as a place to camp out on a hunting trip or recreation hike for a weekend, but not having hot water and shower gets old quickly.

Instead, with a professionally built modern log home, one gets to enjoy both worlds. Modern wiring, HVAC systems, plumbing, and interior living are all possible while still being able to enjoy the rustic feel of a wood-hewn home. Additionally, the custom nature of a log home allows a homeowner to add in specific features and options that won’t be possible in tract housing.

Spicing Things Up

Remember, a modern log home isn’t restricted to just a Lincoln log toy set look. Today’s log cabin homes can involve multiple blends of wood and color patterns that provide striking esthetics and functional shelter as well.

Built with solid wood, these homes are far stronger and sturdier than typical suburban homes, which gives them advantages, especially in colder climates with more exposure to temperature swings. The carpentry possibilities with wood make log cabin homes far more versatile for later changes as well.

Many homeowners look for their interior designs to be a medley of wood grains and colors. For example, walls and ceilings might be darker wood with floors reflecting a lighter grain for light bouncing from the floor upward.

Take a Look at What’s Possible

Real-time, already-built frontier log home examples can be seen online, making it far easier to visualize how a log home today can look and appear. And when people compare what’s possible, it really does make a person stop and consider options beyond just standard suburban housing. And if you’re going for a rustic look, your inspiration can be quite a bit older than just what was built by pioneers of the Old West.

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