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7 Best Yoga Retreats in Europe for 2024

Do you dream of celebrating the sun on a roof terrace with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea? Or how about meditating on a mountain in the Alps or stretching on a beach in the Algarve after a big surf?

Europe is not just a famous tourist destination; there are also many ideal locations for yogis to discover inner peace and fascinating activities.

But how can you identify the best yoga retreats in Europe on such a varied continent? So, I’m here to assist! Continue reading to learn about the top yoga retreats in Europe for 2024.

What Is a Yoga Retreat?

Depending on your current level of practice, a yoga retreat will teach you the fundamentals of yoga or help you improve your present training and understanding. You’ll also learn to adopt healthy behaviors, develop flexibility, help heal physical illnesses, and experience the good overall change!

Anyone should feel comfortable attending a yoga retreat. Several beginning-level alternatives are available for individuals who have never participated in a yoga session.

If you’ve practiced yoga for a while, you may pick from various intermediate or advanced-level retreats. In contrast, those interested in becoming yoga teachers can enroll in a yoga teaching course.

The Benefits of Joining a Yoga Retreat in Europe

The magnificent scenery, rich culture, intriguing history, delicious cuisine, and a broad choice of quality European yoga retreats provide everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

  • Culture – European nations are famed for their rich cultural legacy and magnificent historic structures. This differs greatly per nation, but you will get an incredible cultural experience wherever you go in Europe.
  • Food – Like its culture, each European country’s food is distinctive. Whether tapas in Tenerife, pizza in Pisa, or Tzatziki in Thessaloniki, the cuisine is a major incentive to visit Europe.
  • History – Europe is brimming with fascinating historical cities. Walking along cobblestone streets, past centuries-old houses, churches, and castles takes you to another era.
  • Nature – Europe offers it all: stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, breathtaking mountains, and quiet rolling farmland.

7 Best Yoga Retreats in Europe for 2024

We will provide you with some of the best yoga retreats in Europe so you can pick the appropriate one for you no matter where you want to go!

See Yoga Retreats

As one of the Yoga Retreats on Gran Canaria for 2024, See Yoga Retreats offers a harmonic sanctuary where your mind and body synchronize in relaxation. Yoga lessons expertly designed by seasoned teachers encourage you to dig into the ancient discipline from a contemporary viewpoint, promoting a complete feeling of well-being.

Allow See Yoga Retreats to be your portal to rediscover the harmony between mind and body and revel in the wonderful combination of relaxation and rejuvenation in the heart of 2024.

Yoga Retreats near beach of Las Canteras has bright weather and peaceful surroundings make it ideal for yoga. It resembles the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura. 

The island has mountains, valleys, and even sandy dunes in Maspalomas, ideal for deep breathing and stretching.

Yoga is simple to include in your day in Las Palmas, whether you’re a novice or have been practicing for years.

Try to See Yoga Retreats in Gran Canaria; you’ll love it.

Lanzarote Yoga Retreat

Lanzarote yoga retreat is ideal for escaping the chilly winter weather and enjoying warm sunny days on a beautiful island. They’ll perform yoga in front of the ocean, relax by the pool, go on day trips to lovely beaches and historic colonial Spanish villages, and enjoy long walks down the promenade.

Lanzarote offers a variety of activities for all ages, including Vinyasa flow courses in the morning and Yin yoga practices in the afternoon. These optional activities cater to different interests, from walking to water sports and boat tours. The island also provides a comfortable environment for guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Marrakesh is certainly one-of-a-kind; you’ll feel as if you’ve arrived in an entirely new universe, with all of your senses being aroused!

Their luxury yoga retreat in Morocco is an authentic cultural experience, with many gorgeous nooks to discover between yoga lessons, full of colors, fragrances, music, and spices. They’ll walk you through the souk marketplaces, palaces, and riads, arrange camel rides, tea in the desert, and a day excursion to the Atlas Mountains. They will also handle group meals, activities, taxi rides, airport transfers, and tour guides. They have worked with reliable local companies and are familiar with their yoga groups. They ensure your safety and show you around.

Yoga Retreat in Italy

Their yoga retreat in Italy strikes the ideal mix between excellent yoga instruction and taking in everything the staff offers. They’ll be there to show you the cuisine, the wine, the art, the culture, and the simple way of life!

The yoga retreat offers a serene setting with stunning sea views, allowing guests to relax on the beach, explore baroque villages, and enjoy bike rides along the coast. The retreat includes visits to nearby beaches, traditional Sicilian restaurants, wine-tasting tours, and gelato. The retreat is adaptable and suitable for individuals of all yoga levels, ages, and nationalities, allowing for various activities and experiences.

Yoga Retreat in Corfu

Many people are pleased about the newest yoga retreat! They’re returning to Greece’s lovely island of Corfu for a great early summer yoga retreat at an exceptional 5-star hotel surrounded by nature and the stunning Ionian sea. The hotel is situated on a beautiful peninsula with private beaches and coves, only a short boat trip down the coast into Corfu town with its pedestrian lanes and charming squares—the best of both worlds.

Staff will be there to show you around and handle all the logistics; they’ll schedule day excursions and group meals, but everything is voluntary; this isn’t boot camp!

The course will include Vinyasa flow sessions in the morning, a brunch, and a gentler Yin yoga practice in the afternoon. The course offers ample rest, exploration, or beach relaxation time with two guides. The beautiful weather in Corfu in May is perfect for swimming, practicing yoga, and dining al fresco, making it an ideal way to start summer on a warm, sunny island in Greece.

Yoga Retreat in Mykonos

If you’re searching for a yoga retreat at a 5-star hotel in a gorgeous location but don’t want to travel too far away from it all, their yoga retreat in Mykonos provides the ideal balance – a luxurious setting with enough to see and do but also plenty of quiet time and space to unwind.

Yoga retreats are about practicing yoga and offering a break from the daily routine. There are no strict food and drink guidelines, and participants can choose to spend time alone with the group. The retreat attracts people from all over the world, and many come on their own. The environment is welcoming, with an aggressive Vinyasa flow session in the morning and a gentler Yin yoga practice in the afternoon. All levels of yoga are welcome, including novices.

Yoga Retreat in Spain

Visitors will be sleeping at a new luxury hotel on the gorgeous Cala Galdana beach, a hidden treasure with fine white sand and crystal blue water that is one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches. People do yoga outside and spend the afternoons having massages, sailing, and wandering around gorgeous villages. Hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and various bicycle paths are also available for the more energetic.

There’s something for everyone, including languid days by the pool with a book and a beverage. This is your yoga trip, so there are no restrictions or timetables; they’ll show you around, but understand if you want to relax.

Many individuals come alone, but there are often friends traveling together, siblings, and partners, so it’s usually an intriguing mix. They’ll schedule group meals and do various activities together, but many people realize that alone time is crucial, so they always make room for it. You can eat and drink anything you want; if you’re weary, you can miss a yoga practice.


These seven yoga retreats in Europe for 2024 appeal as sanctuaries of tranquility as we negotiate the challenges of contemporary life. Each retreat provides a unique combination of yoga, nature, and self-discovery, whether set against the background of Ibiza’s beaches, the French Alps, or Iceland’s Northern Lights.

These immersive experiences offer relaxation and a transformational path toward comprehensive well-being. Consider one of these retreats to refuel your mind, body, and spirit in the midst of Europe’s most enthralling landscapes.

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