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5 Bahamas Attractions That Will Leave You Breathless

When you’re searching for that idyllic place to call your own during vacation, there’s something breathtaking about a trip to the Bahamas. Perhaps the appeal lies in the fact that this 700-island archipelago sprawls over 100,000 square miles of ocean. Maybe the attraction comes from time spent on the crystal-clear waves or maybe it has something to do with the vast variety of marine life that call the Bahamas home. 

On land, it could be the culture, flavor or ample options for fun that beckon to travelers from across the globe each year. On the other hand, it might just be the opportunities to dig your toes into the sand and settle into a space where the expectations are nothing more than to soak up the sun and enjoy life to the fullest—if only for a while.

Whatever the reason for traveling this direction may be, it’s hard to deny that the Bahamas is a destination that has a way with stunning scenery. From man-made marvels to some of nature’s finest work, it seems that the list of captivating sights goes on and on. When you don’t have time to spare to see them all, but want to make sure to include moments of visual inspiration on your itinerary, the following are five Bahamas attractions that will simply leave you breathless. 

Take a vacation in the Bahamas


This iconic resort in Nassau is one of the Bahama’s most recognizable with good reason—it’s incredible to witness! Located at One Casino Drive, Atlantis rises into the sky and stands out beautifully against a backdrop of blue thanks to its intriguing shade of salmon. Atlantis’s dimensions are made to accommodate the many experiences offered up at this well-loved locale. Atlantis boasts over 2,300 hotel rooms, hosts 21 restaurants and 19 specialized bars, houses a casino and hosts over 140 acres to water-based fun. Beyond Dolphin Cay, Atlantis also has six lagoons to its name as well as an aquarium that houses more than 50,000 animals. Visitors can’t help but be impressed by this feat of imagination come to life through architecture and island design.

Pink Sand Beach 

Heading over to Harbour Island, visitors won’t want to miss a chance to savor the sights, sounds, and sensations that await at Pink Sand Beach. Much as the name indicates this breathtaking stretch of shoreline welcomes visitors to come and marvel at the pink sand that settles between their toes. This is just one of many beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. Situated along the Atlantic side of the island, this pink-hued destination stretches for more than three miles along the water and the color is acquired over time thanks to deposits of broken shells, coral, and foraminifera that call the coral reef their home. Pink Sand Beach is a photographer’s dream come true and inspiring no matter when you witness it. This area is perfect for swimming and snorkeling and those that plan on spending plenty of time on the Pink Sands will find booking a stay in this area is simple, convenient and optimal when it comes to maintaining an incredible view.

Glass Window Bridge

At Queen’s Highway, just a few miles east of Upper Bogue, visitors to the Bahamas will have the opportunity to come face to face with one of nature’s most spectacular, contrasting sights. Glass Window Bridge is truly remarkable to behold and captures the minds and imaginations of guests to this area using nothing more than the land and sea. The natural bridge that divides the water also connects north and south Eleuthera and is as narrow and thrilling to travel as it is exciting. One one side of the bridge, rock wall falls away into the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean while the other side of the natural bridge gives way to the bright turquoise waves of Eleuthera, sometimes referred to as the Caribbean Sea. The resulting color contrast is hard to top and the fact that you’ve journeyed along the narrowest point on the island is one for the record books. 

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Sometimes, the sights that leave you breathless are those that are featured underwater. This is exactly the scenario when you make your way to Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. 176 acres of protected land and water are waiting to greet you and here, visitors will find some of the most spectacular underwater sights the island has to offer. First established in 1958, this land and sea park is a “no-take” zone, leaving nature to its devices and the views unsurpassed. Clear waters and a myriad of colorful, tropical marine life call this protected area home, making it one of the ultimate stops for snorkelers visiting the Bahamas. Bring your gear, get in the water and get ready to enjoy a view that you won’t soon forget. 

Blue Hole

Nature has a way of astounding visitors to the Bahamas time and again, and Blue Hole is no exception to the rule. Officially known as Dean’s Blue Hole, this wonder of nature is located on Long Island and is believed to be the deepest blue hole on the planet, sinking 663 feet into the earth. Its vibrant hue makes it mesmerizing and the fact that it just may be the second-largest underwater chamber on the map makes it endlessly intriguing for those with a heart for outdoor adventure. The hole itself is surrounded by thrilling cliffsides and tropical paradise foliage adding to the appeal. Guests are free to hike the trails that surround Blue Hole or take some time to snorkel on the surface.

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