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Beautiful Beaches in Lucayan National Park, Bahamas

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Yesterday we decided to go on a drive and do some typically tourist like things. It was all new to me and considering she lives part of the year, had been years since she did something of this nature. We decided to visit Lucayan National Park and saw Ben’s Cave, the beautiful beaches and toured through the mangroves which are basically a huge hot spot for fish breeding. Both of us met at Bishop’s University and we saw a sign for “Bishop’s Resort” so decided to check it out…

Lucayan National Park, Grand Bahama isn’t far from Freeport and costs $5 to enter. Not far from the entrance is a place called “Ben’s Cave”. There is an incredible cave system below Grand Bahama Island housing all sorts of wildlife. The water was so clear and this cave is special, you go down this spiral staircase and then you’re just in front of an incredibly beautiful scene. There were also lots of decent sized fish in the mouth of the cave, supposedly the deeper you go into the systems the water chemistry changes and you see completely different species. Cave diving is a popular attraction for advanced / expert scuba divers.

Next we made our way on the boardwalks to the beach via the mangroves. The mangroves are key breeding grounds for many species and a wildlife sanctuary. If you cross them, suggest you bring some bread because there are few feeding holes that start getting quite hectic if you fuel the fire. Also has several informative signs about the area and the species found there. We saw a few jeep tours and whatnot while we were there, next it was on to the beach and what a beach it was…

The beach in Lucayan National Park is spectacular and just stretching white sand with turquoise water as far as the eye can see. There were a few tours exploring when we first got there but as we walked away from the crowds it quickly became a piece of pristine paradise all to yourself. We walked to a point and setup base camp. From there spent time lazing around in the sun and lounging about in some of the small pools. Kinda reminded me of alligator like activity where you lay in the sun until your too hot, then wade into the water to cool down. Can’t stress enough how there was nothing but beautiful white sand as far as they eye could see. Stayed until a solid sunburn was achieved.

Next it was onto Bishop’s Resort which is not too far away. We drove there and on the way met this little lady selling drinks and banana bread on the side of the road. Didn’t seem like she was having a busy day so we bought up whatever she sold that we could consume, it was a good decision. Next off to the resort. It’s not so much a resort as it is a place that has rooms, a kitchen and a small beach bar. The guy working there was one of the characters you meet in such said environments. He was high on life or had a healthy glow but was pretty hilarious. Don’t ask him for an “island special” or “something unique”, you’ll literally get a glass filled with mixed liquor. You’ve been warned.

Bahamas is comprised of over 700 islands, about 20 of them are developed. Now that I’ve had a taste of the beaches in the Bahamas, curious to see more. If you’re visiting friends in Freeport or come over on a tour, recommend you visit Lucayan National Park. Bishop’s Resort definitely isn’t a “must see” but worth a stop if you’re in the area.

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