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A Hiker’s Guide to Killington

Welcome to the hiker’s guide to Killington, Vermont in the Green Mountains. Capturing the essence of an amazing getaway begins with picking a place that speaks to a myriad of traveler interests and passions. For those that can’t wait to spend every moment in the great outdoors, immersed in resplendent scenery, there’s no place quite like Killington, Vermont.

This inviting vacation destination invites guests to make their way to the central part of the state where Killington can be found surrounded by the Green Mountains. Where peaks, valleys, sugar maples and beech trees collide, Killington comes to life as a place where adventure is never hard to find.

While Killington is well-known in the world of ski enthusiasts, it’s a place just as suited for those that love to lace up their hiking boots and hit the many trails too.

While Killington Ski Resort and Pico Mountain are perfect for the downhill enthusiast, this area is a maze of incredible hiking trails that accommodate outdoor adventurers of all ages and abilities. Whether you book a  stay near the most popular trails and hike your vacation away, or incorporate a single hike into the itinerary alongside other activities, Killington has a way of capturing the minds and imaginations of visitors.

When you’re looking to make the most of a getaway with a focus on hiking, consider this the ultimate guide to your Killington journey.

hiking in killington vermont

Hiking Gear Store – Killington Sports

Killington is a city geared towards outdoor adventure, making it simple to pack for a hiking-focused vacation thanks to a variety of stops along the way that provide access to all the gear a person could need for such an outing. Go ahead and leave some space in your suitcase when you head this direction and stop over at Killington Sports instead once you arrive to stock up on the shoes, boots, backpacks, water bottles and beyond that will make for a successful, safe and inspiring hike.

Killington Sports is located at 2326 US Route 4 and is open every day of the week during the ski season between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm but hosts weekend hours the rest of the year. A second location can be found at Bear Mountain Lodge located at 972 Bear Mountain Road. No matter which location you visit, guests will find Killington Sports is well-stocked with a variety of high-performance outdoor wear brands and staff on-site are always willing to offer up advice depending on the hikes you’re planning.

Guided Hike Options with Appalachian Trail Adventures

You don’t have to be an expert hiker to make the most of a hiking focused getaway to Killington. In fact, sometimes heading out to the trails alongside the experts is an even better way to take in all there is to see and learn routes, strategies, and techniques that might otherwise be missed. The professionals at Appalachian Trail Adventures are a wonderful choice when it comes to setting up guided hikes throughout Killington while you’re in town. For over 25 years, Appalachian Trail Adventures has been catering to hiking enthusiasts ranging from advanced hikers looking for a new challenge to beginners hoping to enjoy the trails in a group setting. When you’re looking to combine your hikes with other outdoor activities, Appalachian Trail Adventures can help there too. Feel free to request a hiking experience that comes with a combined river float or kayaking trip when you want to extend your journey. Questions and reservations can be directed to 802-347-4343 with text options available.

winter hiking in the green mountains vermont

Deer Leap Overlook Trail for Winter Adventures and Experienced Hikers

Killington is loved by travelers for its versatile terrain as well as the fact that most of the outdoor fun you come to experience can be enjoyed in some form year-round. Hiking is no exception to the rule and as long as you’re prepared with cold-weather gear, there’s no reason hikers can’t savor time on Deer Leap Overlook Trail when winter is in full swing. Plan to set aside at least 1.5 hours of time to reach the peak of Deer Leap Overlook Trail and return to base when you make this route your winter hiking focus.

Spikes come highly recommended for this winter trek, but the incline is gentle enough that snowshoes shouldn’t be required to complete the path. In total, this scenic trail extends just under two miles and parking is readily available at Gifford Woods. The pathway is dotted with rocks and roots, providing just the right challenge for hikers looking to earn the reward of an amazing view at the top.

Thundering Brook Falls for Families and Beginners

When you find yourself on a hiking getaway in Killington with family, make Thundering Brooks Falls your first stop. This gentle trail provides more of a leisurely hike, ideal for those hitting the path with little ones in tow. Thundering Brook Falls is popular in the fall thanks to the vibrant foliage that can be viewed, but its year-round appeal lies in the cascade viewing at the end. Be sure to bring your camera as this fairly simple trail is dotted with wildflowers, wildlife, and options to visit waterfalls and leave with incredible images as the final prize for your efforts.

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