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4 Frugal Ways to Enjoy The Weekend With Your College Buddies

College is one of the best times in one’s life. You are an adult without the hassles of being a full-fledged adult, which avails so many options for you. There’s just one little problem, though: your budget is strung out, and you only have funds for basics, books, and the occasional coffee.

If you want to have fun in college, you do not require a stash of cash to make your campus life memorable. Below are a few ways you and your college buddies can have unbelievable weekends without making a dent in your bank accounts.

weekend adventures with college friends

Go for a shopping spree at a thrift store

If you are going through an unimaginably horrible breakup or just failed a unit, go to a thrift shop and shop till you drop. That may not sound any way frugal, but if you are still craving some good old retail therapy, hit a thrift shop with your friends.

Get yourself a tonne of artsy stuff, and have fun trying second-hand clothes, and don’t forget to take photos. Thrift stores are a prime spot for unique, amazing, and still, high-quality products, and you might take a few souvenirs for when you are out of college.

Explore the outdoors

If you are already tired of Netflix and old TV movies, then go outside and feel the sun on your faces. The weather seems to know and favor the weekend and spending the weekend indoors on days when the sun is out, and nature is colorful is a crime. Go for a run, swim in the college pool, or try a small group tour adventure.

If your college has some grounds, you can leverage for picnics and hikes, take advantage of them as they are often safer. You can also hot a local café for junk food, shakes, cocoa, or any other inexpensive snacks. If you are feeling up to it, go to one of the more expensive spots and order a soda. Just enjoy the ambiance and have a conversation with your friends.

Play games

Playing games is classic, but it is one of the most inexpensive and memorable ways to bond as a group of buddies. You can play board games like monopoly or scrabble, or take it a notch higher and play something insane.

Hit the internet and find questions to ask for truth and dare or dare or drink, and you will have an unbelievable weekend. What’s more, such games will let you know your friends better and reduce the stress associated with the campus.

Make dinner together

After you come home from your outdoor adventures, you will all most likely be starved, and everyone has to eat. Pass by the grocery store and grab all the ingredients you will need for a fun dinner.

It is perfectly fine if none of you are great cooks and everything burns, but you will have got a great kick from it. You can also try a new recipe together, or something exotic served in a 5-star hotel.

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