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Breathtaking Places to Visit in San Francisco 

The remarkable San Francisco is a place known for many incredible things, one of them being home to the Golden Gate Warriors. Located in the northern parts of California, it has a million and one attractions, finding itself in countless bucket lists.

This place is on a tight race with Los Angeles to become the most adorable place to visit. On the second thought, there’s actually no need for the competition; reason being both places offer something extraordinary. So choosing one over the other would be pretty unjust. For now, the spotlight is on The Golden City.

Of course, there are places like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the largest China Town in North America which are really scenic – no doubt about that. However, when you break from the norm and explore the unorthodox places, areas where very few people consider going, you’ll unlock a new adventure, a new place and a new you.

So buckle up, because this won’t be your typical Californian vacation.

Angel Island State Park

First on the lists is a gateway that’s not common with tourists but it sure does reward. Sitting in the waters adjacent to the San Francesco Bay is the eye-catching, rugged-looking, and stress-relieving Angel Island.  The place has clearly outlined trails and pathways which make biking and hiking in the area convenient and enjoyable. The trails are sizable enough making it easy to circumvent, feeding you with insurmountable views of the vicinal mainland. To get to the island, you’d have to board a ferry from Pier 41, a ride that takes less than 30 minutes. Angel Island is a very serene and private area, making it the perfect spot if you want to reflect and meditate.

Napa Valley

If you head 50 miles south from SF, you’ll come to a picturesque region known as the Napa Valley. It’s a place very remote, cool, tone-down, and simple; full of vineyards rolling endlessly into the horizon. Are you getting the picture? If you top that up with an amber sunset, you get a scene which is to-die-for. This area is known for its grapes, vineyards, and wine production. Besides that, it’s also packed with cozy gourmet restaurants and hotels that offer fancy spa-treatment. Which would just be the perfect reward for your body after a day of exploring the vineyards and picking grapes. Don’t forget to put your Sommelier skills to the test by trying some brands fine-wine.

Twin Peaks

There are areas that have to offer numerous sophisticated elements to charm its visitors. Yet, this place has only one thing it provides to the people who go to pay homage, views. However, don’t be mistaken, these are not your ordinary views. What would you expect to see from an elevation of roughly 900 feet high above the city? Soothing, relaxing, blissful, and therapeutic vistas that surpass description.

If you happen to be in this place moments after sunset, you’ll have a chance of siting a rare phenomenon. As the daylight diminishes, the city lights begin to dominate and take over offering an optical theatrical performance. Should you wish to soak in all the cityscape from a different vantage, the area has neat trails that lead to various spots on the hill.

Legion of Honor

From the captivating name to the fabulous imageries inside the building, this place is one of the must-see attractions if you’ll be visiting San Francisco. From the inside to its outsides, everything about this place speaks of elegance. The story of the place is captivating as well, one that narrates about the Great Grandmother of San Francisco, a socialite, and a philanthropist named Alma de Bretteville.

The museum was a gift given by her featuring an unprecedented collection of Sculptures, artworks, and paintings inspired by the culture in Paris, and the Mediterranean. With the Legion of Honor, you’ve got a place that not only gives you the model creativity of the mind, but also those of mother nature. Nestled in Lincoln Park, you can opt to saunter outside the vicinity in the lush greenery golf course which overlooks the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fisherman’s Wharf

The last location is an area known all too well by tourists. A place that has numerous amenities from restaurants and art institutes, to the awesome Pier 39 waterfront. One of the most visited places in this area is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum. The area is relatively vast, with amenities that suit all age groups. 

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