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6 Essentials for Parents Traveling With Their Baby

Traveling is a hobby that most people enjoy tremendously. The chance to visit new people, experience new cultures and take a break from the norm is the best thing about traveling.

Doing this with a baby is a challenge on its own. However, having a baby does not have to keep you from enjoying it. You can easily travel with your child if you have all the right baby travel essentials.

traveling with a baby packing list

Essential travel items for traveling with a baby

Below is a list of items that you must carry when traveling with a baby.

1. Moses Baskets

A Moses basket, as the name suggests, is a basket used to carry babies or on which babies sleep. The name stems from the basket where Moses from the Bible was kept when in Egypt.

The Moses Baskets are suitable for children because they are extremely comfortable, especially for newborn babies. They are also suitable for traveling because they can be detached and stored with ease.

These baskets come with mattresses and beddings. When buying a Moses basket to travel with, consider one that is detachable from the mattress. Also, consider a stand for the basket.

Ensure that the stand is compatible with the basket. Also choose a mattress that is comfortable, not too hard and one that fits well within the basket. Mokee has the best offers for these items.

2. A Travel Stroller

Travel strollers are in several ways similar to regular strollers. However, the main difference between a regular stroller and one meant for traveling is that the latter is lightweight.

A suitable travel stroller should be easy to fold and compact in size. It makes it easy to store the stroller in travel bags. There are several beautiful designs of travel strollers in the market.

Stores like Mokee, among others, offer the best of these products in the market. Take note that most Airlines restrict the size of the stroller to less than 20 pounds.

Therefore, when shopping for a travel stroller, make sure to get one that does not exceed these requirements. Regardless of the weight, the stroller should be stable and durable.

Also, consider the features of the stroller like storage compartments.

3. A Travel Car Seat

It is common knowledge that you should never travel with a child in a vehicle without a car seat. Sadly, most of these car seats are heavy, weighing 35 pounds or more.

That said, there are special car seats for kids designed specifically for traveling. A travel car seat normally weighs below 25 pounds and can be packed in a travel bag.

When choosing a travel car seat for your next road trip, consider a beautiful design, comfort and ease with which you can install the set in your car.

4. Travel Cribs

When you think of traveling with a crib, it sounds like a significant inconvenience. However, if you are traveling with a child, you need to avoid such things as bed-sharing.

Keep in mind the fact that your child’s immune system is still developing; hence he or she is likely to catch illnesses fast. You can avoid this by carrying a travel crib.

Choose a crib that is most similar to the one your baby has at home. It will help the baby sleep well. Shop around for beautiful design that meet your budgetary needs and the airline weight limits.

Most importantly, choose a crib that you can easily fold and put together for travel purposes.

5. Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a storage bag with several storage slots that helps you to carry all the essentials of a baby you need.

Some of the items you can carry in your diaper bag include nappies, snack, wet wipes, toys and a change of clothes. If you are traveling with your child, make sure to pack your diaper bag beforehand.

You may also want to get a slightly larger bag that will accommodate all the items you need for different trips.

6. Diaper Changing Pad

A diaper changing pad is an essential travel item if you have a child. Whether it is a long-distance or short-distance journey to the mall, you need a travel diaper changing pad.

The changing pad provides comfort for your child when putting on and removing diapers. When choosing the best diaper changing pad, consider one that is easy to clean and durable.

One should ensure that the changing pad is made from a material that does not absorb water. Also, go for one with a safety belt that will help you hold the baby in place when changing the diaper.


In addition to all the items mentioned above, also make sure to carry enough outfits for the baby. Carry extras for every outfit because babies are prone to accidents all the time.

In addition to this, make sure to carry your baby’s favourite toys. They will help bring a sense of familiarity and reduce anxiety from being in a foreign environment.

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