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4 Essentials Tips for Maximising Wood Flooring in Different Contemporary Decor Styles

Wood flooring seems to be an evergreen trend when it comes to interior design. Used for centuries, it is both stylish and practical due to its durability and easiness to take care of. Wood finishes are often used in more traditional or stately homes so sometimes it can feel outdated in a more modern setting and it is difficult to style amongst other pieces.

However, they aren’t out of place in modern homes. With a bit of know-how, wood can be styled in any setting from large to small, traditional to modern, basketweave to herringbone flooring, so keep reading for the essential tips for maximising wood flooring in contemporary spaces.


Parquet Flooring

Within wood flooring, there are many different styles that you can take advantage of to fit it into a contemporary setting. A particularly popular trend in interior design now is parquet flooring. The parquet pattern is nothing new but it brings sophistication to your decor and particularly complements a minimal, modern setting.

Parquet is very versatile as you can lay it in different patterns such as using a herringbone flooring effect to offset a more minimal scheme. For more of a statement look, consider a chequerboard style to compliment an art-deco-style room.

White Wood Flooring

Many of us think that wood flooring means just sticking to one colour, primarily various shades of brown. Wood flooring is actually a lot more versatile than this and a lovely option to match contemporary décor is white wood.

White tones instantly brighten a room which could be ideal If you are struggling for space and they lend themselves to a Scandi-style, stripped-back interior. Again, you could combine the lighter tones with a pattern such as herringbone flooring for a more eye-catching look. White wood also suits coastal interiors well as it lends itself to a relaxed, beachy and breezy style.

Solid Oak

More traditional wood flooring can still work very well as part of modern decorated rooms. Solid oak is always a good choice if you have a bigger budget available to you and want a floor that will truly last a lifetime. Solid oak compliments country-style homes fantastically but you can incorporate it into contemporary looks also.

Think about keeping the best of your furniture quite modern and geometric, your oak floor will act as the centrepiece and a talking point for guests. Oak flooring is durable and easy to clean too, while a good polish will ensure it stays looking as good as new.

Wood Alternatives

Wood flooring often looks great in a home but it can come with a high price tag to match. If you would like the look of wood at a more affordable price, think about using laminate or a wood effect vinyl floor.

These alternatives look great in a contemporary interior, you don’t have to compromise on style and they are easy to maintain too.  Laminate and vinyl flooring often look plainer so sometimes suits a modern interior better if there is a lot of colour and pattern in your home.

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