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Why should you pay attention to the alternative Salesforce Inbox?

Salesforce is the dominant force in the CRM world, but it has its competitors. Since Salesforce is the world’s largest CRM platform, it means that it cannot meet the unique needs of every business on a global scale.

Consequently, other CRM solutions have filled these market gaps by addressing the specific needs of small businesses. It gives competitors the opportunity to thrive. Therefore, you should pay attention to the Salesforce alternative.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and refers to all the strategies, methods, tools and technologies used by businesses to develop, retain and attract customers.

However, this software ensures that every step of the interaction with consumers runs smoothly and efficiently, which increases the overall profit.

The software collects customer data through multiple channels. Hence, the CRM stores detailed information about the overall purchase history, personal information, and even purchasing behavior patterns.

They have dominated tech headlines and investment forums alike thanks to their meteoric rise and rapid acquisitions.

Other companies are constantly tweaking their offerings in an attempt to overtake Salesforce.


Salesforce brings together marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT customer teams from anywhere in the world. Customers can focus their employees on what matters now: stabilizing the business, reopening and getting back to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The program is used for:

  • attract customers with relevant digital marketing from anywhere in the world;
  • effective sales and rapid development of your business from any city in the world;
  • quickly launch and scale e-commerce aimed at your customers in any country;
  • providing quality customer service from anywhere in the world.

The program will also help with a rapid transition to digital technologies and provide your teams with the opportunity to work in different countries of the world.

Why should you consider Salesforce Inbox competitors?

Salesforce is very large, such a program is too big for many small businesses that just need a great CRM without any twists and turns. Others may not have the budget for a product like the ones offered by Salesforce and are looking for more affordable options from Salesforce’s competitors. And, as with any product, some people have had bad experiences with Salesforce and might want to switch to it.

Salesforce’s alternatives are among the CRM solutions to consider  if you are looking for platforms that offer simple but reliable CRM tools and features for your business. If you’re worried that Salesforce might be too expensive for you, there are plenty of competitors available that will do the job equally well.

Keep in mind that any Salesforce competitor you want to consider must meet the following criteria:

  • this software suits your company and can work with your marketing;
  • the right program fits your budget;
  • the alternative has good features and functionality;
  • the program can handle email efficiently.

The Revenue Grid is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize and manage their customer relationships in a centralized and easy-to-use platform. It is one of the sales competitors that offers first-rate services.

By tracking leads and building a complete database of customer activity, companies get a clear picture of where they are with each customer in the buying process.

The program helps sales professionals build customer relationships, maintain accounts, track contacts, generate leads, and build sales collateral.

Do not forget that this way of integration is considered by experts to be a universal platform for managing contacts, which helps professionals to stay up to date with all sales, but users can do all the little things with a simple and convenient toolbar.

Revenue Grid helps users: 

  • manage potential clients; 
  • create capabilities;
  • manage accounts and contacts. 

Other features include custom reporting, product cataloguing, custom pricing, and client account records. It also offers sales forecasting to improve visibility and predictability.

You can access various information about potential customers and customers at any point in their life cycle. It is easy to take advantage of any opportunities and minimize possible losses. You can provide exceptional service from lead generation to after-sales support.

The platform provides: 

  • lead and deal management; 
  • tracks communications; 
  • automates administrative tasks;
  • full transparency in the use of customer data through an artificial intelligence sales mentor.

In addition, it is a comprehensive business solution that can connect different processes: emails, calendar, reports, reminders of important events.

Salesforce’s alternatives will give you a single source of all metrics and real-time visibility across your entire business without having to pay for expensive middleware and consultants. Extensive features include lead management, accounts, contacts, opportunities, assets, activities and scores, complete customer overview.

At a more advanced level, you get subscription management, incentive compensation management, customer data, and partner relationship management.

Thanks to many modules, teams are provided with specialized tools that allow them to solve CRM-related problems more efficiently.

On the other hand, the Revenue Grid can be used to set up customer self-service options such as knowledge bases and end-user service catalogues. The service also helps to organize and manage sales, invoices, clients  and contacts. With customizable features, its flexibility allows organizations to adapt to their needs. The platform also has several visual reports that allow companies to use data based on the sales cycle.

The Revenue Grid ensures that hours are not wasted on the platform, as it is quite easy to understand. Its visual interface makes it easy to focus on tasks and improve productivity.

Why is the Revenue Grid a good alternative?

Whether you’re a relatively new or small business, or you need help strengthening your marketing team, the variety of software options provided with the right plan should be attractive. It does not depend on whether you work in a sales team or in the marketing department. It’s rare to get low-cost software with so many features available.

The platform helps users respond to customers through channels such as social media or email in real time. The AI platform uses automation to predict the right time to: 

  • contact customers;
  • scan emails for urgency;
  • display relevant statistics or documents when performing a search. 

The advanced automation analytics helps sales and marketing teams develop better strategies and improve customer support.

Users can integrate the tool with other third party systems. The Revenue Grid software development kits provide tools for creating custom features to add to the software.

CRM systems are a good way to increase business efficiency and optimize team work. But there is one problem: it is difficult to choose. It is a matter of budget, technical abilities, qualifications of the company’s specialists.

Therefore, the main principle of choosing an alternative is that the system should be selected taking into account the specifics of your business. Unless, of course, you want to simplify your work, and not add even more headaches.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, if it’s about efficiency, you can’t wait. If the program can save not only time, but also human resources, then why not?

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