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Guide to Choose Best FPS Gaming Monitor

When some people think of FPS they often think of “Frames Per Second, but in this case, FPS means First Person Shooter. If you wish to contend with the hardcore gamers online, and if you wish to maintain a consistent winning streak, then a good gaming computer and gaming PC monitor is required.

As we all know, playing first person shooters with a mouse and keyboard is much easier than playing with a game pad or controller. Before you run out and grab a deal on PC monitors from a company like Let Buy Best, here are a few things to consider. 

Match Your Monitor to Your PC

The best advice you are going to receive is to match up your PC monitor with your computer. You want a monitor that works well with your computer. You don’t want it churning out refresh rates and frames per second when your monitor can’t handle it. On a similar note, you don’t want to pay for a high-end PC monitor that never sees its full potential because your computer can’t handle it. There are also issues like where some AMD processors work very well with ACER monitors. It makes it so that if the computer slows during a game, then the monitor slows in tandem so that there is never any screen tear during a gaming session. Keep things like this in mind when you go hunting for the best FPS gaming monitor.

Maximum Response Times

This is a tricky one because response times are typically an online multiplayer issue, and usually it is server quality and Internet quality that determines your true response times. 

With that in mind, response times are important, and you don’t want a response time that is higher than 5ms, but the truth is that you can learn to live with a slightly poorer response time. That is how online FPS multiplayer champions operate. They learn to work around the response times, and in almost every case, it is done through repetitive habit. 

It is tough to explain, but there is a game called Bloodborne. You try different weapons, and when you press the attack button, the weapon swings and an attack occurs. Depending on the type of melee weapon you use will determine how long it takes between pressing the attack button and the actual weapon hitting the target. This type of knowing-how-long-to-wait logic is how people overcome response times issue. Yet, as mentioned earlier, you don’t want your monitor to have a response time higher than 5ms because it is more of a quality of life issue than a pet peeve.

Your Refresh Rate

Twitch shooting is all about getting your cursor over something that is moving and getting a shot off before you even register what the target is. The refresh rate may not seem like a big deal, but when you are going against twitch shooters, every millisecond counts. Your monitor should have at least a 75Hz refresh rate so long as you hunt down a monitor with a good low response time. 

If you are looking for a gaming monitor and you are determined to get the best, then go for 120 Hz. Do not go all the way up to 360 Hz, which is the highest number you can get, because  it is unnecessary. The way it works is that from 75 to 120 it is noticeable, and from 120 to 240 is it far less noticeable, and from 240 to 360 is even less noticeable.

Even people who go from 360 down to 240 claim they don’t see a difference. Also, where 60 FPS (Frames Per Second) matters in games, it is only worth having if your PC monitor is up to the task. If you have bought a high-end or gaming PC, you should treat yourself to a PC gaming monitor.

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