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Why Is My Pitbull So Lazy?

The Pitbull species has a long and vibrant history in the canine world. Originally bred from English Bulldogs, Pitbulls can trace back their origins to the 1800s. Despite receiving some negative press due to a few questionable breeders, Pitbulls are finally getting the positive attention they deserve. For example, did you know that Pitbulls are so friendly towards humans that they don’t make very good watchdogs?

Generally, Pitbulls have playful and rambunctious personalities, but they also tend to get a little lazy at times. You can read up more about them at PetStruggles. If you’re a Pitbull parent who’s concerned about their furry companion’s sluggish behavior, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a moment to go through the following reasons why your Pitbull may have adopted the lazybones avatar.

why is my pitbull so lazy

REASON 1: Boredom

Pitbulls have an immense play drive and require lots of physical stimulation to stay healthy – mentally and physically. Experts suggest at least one hour’s worth of daily exercise for adult Pitbulls. The form of exercise doesn’t matter much, which means you can opt to play with your pet, go jogging, or take brisk walks, etc.

Regular exercise not only helps cement your bond with your pet, but it also helps in keeping your canine energized. You can also try enrolling your pet in dog sports (agility classes) to keep it occupied. Remember, a busy dog is a happy dog.


One of the reasons behind your Pitbull’s sudden descent into lethargy may be depression. Pitbulls are very attached to their families, and if left alone for long periods, may develop separation anxiety, which can lead to depression.

Other causes of depression may include moving to a new home, the addition of a new pet in the family, or lack of attention. If your pet is also showing exhibiting signs such as loss of appetite, and little enthusiasm for activities, it may be depressed.

Try spending more time with your Pitbull and give it more attention than usual to see if its behavior improves. You can even utilize couch time and use a Pitbull brush to groom your pet. The act of grooming is relaxing for dogs, and it helps you connect with your pet by showing it care and affection.


Pitbulls are muscular dogs with a great energy drive, which means their diet needs to be nutrient-rich. On the whole, your dog’s diet should include sufficient amounts of protein, fats, calcium, phosphorus, and other essential ingredients.

To make sure your Bully’s diet is not the culprit behind its lethargy, consult your vet about the best dog food brand suitable for adult Pitbulls. If your Pitbull has any food allergies, be sure to mention it to your vet when discussing your canine’s diet.


A canine developing any health condition is every dog parent’s worst nightmare. Nevertheless, it may be that the reason behind your Pitbull’s low energy levels is an illness. If your Bully exhibits any of the following symptoms along with laziness, then you should see your vet as soon as possible:

  • runny nose and eyes
  • consistent lack of appetite and refusal to eat
  • diarrhea
  • excessive thirst and urination
  • vomiting, gagging, or excessive sneezing/coughing


Yes, Pitbulls are energetic dogs, but like humans, each dog has its own personality. It may be that your pet is naturally calm and doesn’t like to move around too much. However, if the calmness is a recent development, then it’s best to get your canine checked by a veterinarian just to be on the safe side.


The weather plays a big role in how fast your dog’s metabolism functions. In summers, your canine’s metabolism may slow down as opposed to winters because energy is no longer expended to conserve body heat. Nonetheless, the heat itself can be a cause of lethargy due to your dog’s body overheating. That’s why it’s best to provide your Pitbull with plenty of shade and drinking water when the summer months bring on the heat.


It may sound unusual, but dogs can get lazy when they’re not getting their daily dose of physical activity. As mentioned earlier, a lack of exercise can cause issues such as behavioral problems and health issues. If your Pitbull isn’t getting the required amount of activity it needs, this will naturally cause laziness and lethargy.

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