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Why Does My Dog Tip-Over His Food Bowl?

Classic doggy behavior includes running around in circles, excessive tail wagging during treat time, and flipping the food bowl over at chowtime. Every dog owner is familiar with operation tip-over-the- bowl, no matter the breed of the canine.

This has led dog parents everywhere to ponder the reason behind their canine’s messy eating habits. You may think that your pet is going out of its way to annoy you and ruin your life, but the truth may surprise you. For more information, you can visit https://dogstruggles.com/or read on for an excellent summarization! 

Reasons Why Your Canine May Flip Its Food Bowl

Until the day dogs can talk or scientists develop a device to understand doggy language, people can only guess at the possible reason why dogs behave the way they do with their food bowl. However, here are some possible causes why your pooch likes to eat off the floor rather than its dish:

Why Does My Dog Tip-Over His Food Bowl?


Instinct is everything in the animal world. From sensing danger to sensing prey – instinct is what drives animals to behave the way they do. When you talk about dog eating habits, it’s best not to forget where modern-day canines come from. Scientists estimate that domestication of dogs happened anywhere between 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. Furthermore, the domestication process began when a certain population of wolves moved closer to a hunter-gatherer camp to scavenge for leftovers. Over time, humans formed a sort of cooperative relationship with the animals, and the wolves evolved into the dogs we see today.

Now, how does this backstory relates to your dog’s habit of tipping its food bowl over? That’s simple – dogs like to work for their food, and you can blame the age-old hunting instinct for this behavior. That’s why certain breeds of dogs were bred for singular skills – such as hunting, herding, etc.

Despite thousands of years of evolution, experts suggest that dogs retain the instinct to hunt or forage for their food. Additionally, this theory gains even more credence when you look at interactive toys for dogs that make your furry friend toil for its treat. It’s obvious that dogs do, in fact, like playing with their food, and this may be one plausible reason why.

Express Dislike

Another theory as to why your dog may tip its food bowl over suggests that it may your canine’s way of expressing dislike after a change in diet. As far as theories go, this one is simple, perceptive, and best of all easily provable.

Think about it, if your diet consisted of three square meals from a Michelin star restaurant, and suddenly you were forced to consume soggy hamburgers from a questionable establishment – you would feel like tipping over your plate too. Likewise, when your doggy tips the food bowl over, it may be trying to convey displeasure at the new brand of dog food you’ve introduced or perhaps, searching for a better option in terms of food.

If you’ve changed your pet’s diet recently, try and feed him the previous brand of dog food and observe what happens. If the food bowl is empty and facing the right way after chowtime, then you’ve discovered the reason behind your pet’s erratic behavior.

Aside from that certain dogs, such as Jack Russells can be finicky when it comes to ready-made dog food. Try talking to your vet before you introduce a change in your canine’s diet. What’s more, your vet may be able to point you in the right direction in terms of the best dog food for Jack Russells (and any other breed).

Change Of Other Types

If your pup has recently picked up the habit of messy eating, and you haven’t changed its diet in any way, then you canine may be reacting to changes of other types.

Let’s start with the likeliest offender – the bowl. Pets, both cats, and dogs can be very picky about their food bowls. Call it an emotional attachment, but most pets do not appreciate any change in their daily routine.

And, changing your pet’s food bowl can be likened to someone taking a hammer to your favorite table. If and when you do change your pup’s food bowl, get a dish that’s almost identical to the previous one in terms of color, size, and construction material.

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