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Cavapoo Dogs – Pros and Cons from Puppies to Adults

Cavapoo puppies are adorable, small, and kind, the perfect breed for people who love cute dogs. They are the result of a mix between King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle.

As no surprise, it’s one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Cavapoo Puppies – What are they like

The Cavapoos are small, have a kind temperament, are very attached to their owner, and the perfect companions for everyone.

You can easily recognize a Cavapoo dog just by looking at it. Cavapoos have thick fur all over their body and most of them have curly fur. Sometimes their eyes are covered by the fur if left unchecked.

Cavapoos have large floppy ears and a distinct black nose. They have a small set of teeth that are hidden underneath their tongue and lips.

Their eyes are round and big and really compliment their cuteness. Cavapoos’ colors vary from brown, black, chestnut, white, gold, and even a mix of black, white, and brown.

As for their size, it also varies depending on their parents. Usually, Cavapoos weight between 9 to 25 pounds and 9 to 14 inches tall. As you can see, they are quite small and can fit in most living conditions.

Cavapoo puppies are adorable.

Cavapoo Adults – What to Expect from this Breed

Fully grown Cavapoos are surprisingly not much different from the puppies. They’re quiet, love chasing small animals, dislike noisy environments, and really smart.

Fully grown Cavapoos are generally easy to take care of, you must know their dependencies. For example, once a Cavapoo fully grown, it will become very attached to its owner. It’s advised to not leave the dog for too long or it might develop behavioral issues. And one more thing, despite its small size, Cavapoos have a lot of energy in the morning, you must spend some time playing and exercising with them.

Before a Cavapoo fully grown, you should train them to get the desired results. Cavapoos are fast learners that love to get praised and rewarded, so don’t worry. Just make sure that the training sessions are short, fun, and not too intensive.

Are Cavapoo Puppies For Sale Online?

Cavapoo puppies are often available for sale or adoption. It’s not surprising since Cavapoos are a popular breed and easy to take care of. Cavapoos are also advertised as loyal, easy to maintain, and loving dogs.

Cavapoos are usually sold at $1500-$5000 depending on the color, size, and genetics of the parents. You also have to account for the grooming bill if you really want to commit.

Recommended Breeders

It is very important to get your puppy from a trusted breeder to avoid health issues and other problems. And if you’ve tried to look for a trusted breeder before, then you should already know how difficult it can be.

We have a shortlist of Cavapoo breeders in the US. You can use this list to kickstart your search for the best Cavapoo for you and your family.

  • King Mountain Doodles – they breed Cavapoos as well as Bernedoodles puppies. Located in Mcveytown, Pennsylvania.
  • Mulberry Farm – they breed Cavapoos, Snoodles, and Cockapoos. Located in Pleasant Valley, New York.
  • Cavapoo Acres – they trained all their puppies before leaving. Located in Acron, New York.
  • Foxglove Farm – these puppies come trained and more expensive as a result. Located in Lucas, Ohio.

Pros and Cons of Cavapoos

The pros are:

  • Cavapoos are loyal, curious, sociable, and kind.
  • Cavapoos don’t shed too much, great for people with allergy.
  • Small and low-maintenance, perfect for people who live in a city with limited living space.
  • Fast learners and easy to train.
  • Long life expectancy, from 13 to 15 years.
  • Perfect for a therapy dog due to their characters.
  • High energy and can be your jogging companion.
  • Cavapoos can get along with anyone including other pets at home.
  • Cavapoos have soft fur, perfect for hugging.

And the cons are:

  • Prone to behavioral issues left alone for too long.
  • Can be very expensive if you decide to buy one.
  • For people who are not used to grooming, Cavapoos might become a challenge. Cavapoos need regular grooming to keep their coat clean. Regular bathing is also needed.
  • Cavapoos are not good if you have small children. Small children can be very noisy and scary for Cavapoos.
  • Cavapoos may carry certain hereditary health issues possessed by their parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What follows are FAQ’s about the Cavapoo dog breed. To have most of your questions answered, refer to this cavapoo guide.

Is a Cavapoo a good family dog?

Yes, certainly. Cavapoos are gentle and loving. They can get along with anyone and anything, especially under a good owner and trained well. They love people and always sweet to them. Getting along with children and other pets is also their specialty.

The reasons for this are because Cavapoos have little to no pretty drive, people-oriented and intelligent breed. Cavapoos also love to chill on the couch and take a walk in the morning. Perfect activities for your family. Keep in mind that, their temperament is also based on their parents.

Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic?

Yes. The Cavapoo is a hypoallergenic breed, which is because this breed rarely sheds or drools. The Cavapoo is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a toy poodle and the latter is not hypoallergenic. So, the Cavapoo is a great breed for people who are looking for a hypoallergenic dog that resembles the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Are Cavapoos yappy dogs?

Generally, no. Cavapoos are not known to bark or yap a lot. But, if not trained well, Cavapoos may bark at strangers that are approaching the house. This is not a problem exclusive to Cavapoos, just like excessive barking due to anxiety.

How big will my Cavapoo get?

Cavapoos are small, they usually can grow up to 14” and weigh between 12 to 25 pounds. Just like their parents, they are small and can only get bigger depending on the size of the poodle that is used.

How clingy are Cavapoos?

Cavapoos can be very clingy, especially when spoiled with too much attention. At some point, you might not be able to leave your Cavapoo alone without it getting scared or stressed. The solution is to train your dog when it’s very young, to let them know that it’s okay to be alone. Other thing you can do is to ignore or avoid picking it up whenever it’s upset.


Cavapoos are a great breed for most people. They are kind, cute, chill, and generally easy to train and maintain.

People who decided to get one, love the dog’s personality and appearance.  Greeted by a Cavapoo every time you are home from work can be therapeutic. And if work from home or being home a lot then you can enjoy your Cavapoo to the fullest.

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