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How to Buy Essays Online: The Ultimate Guide

There is no need to discuss whether buying papers is good or bad. If you are interested in this article, you already know that buying essays online is very efficient when you have several papers with a scarily close deadline, and your diploma means something for you.

That is why our goal is not to sell you the idea of addressing writing service, but to help you buy an essay as fast and safely as possible. While the academic market has become much more legitimate and reliable in recent years, it is good to understand the order system and some additional tricks.

No more jibber-jabber, let’s begin!

how to buy essays online - a guide

Stage #1. Collect all the information you have about the order

Before you are involved in buying essay papers, it is a good idea to collect all the information about the needed paper and systematize instructions and requirements given by your professor. Why is it so important? When ordering a paper online, you have several goals.

You want it to be written fast, at the needed level of quality, with the utmost attention to your requirements. And you want to minimize your active participation in the process because if you wanted to maximize it, you would write the paper yourself.

The more information you collect and share with an assigned writer from the very beginning, the closer you will get to all of these goals. First of all, many services on paper don’t allow you to add anything to instructions, especially when it comes to the urgent orders. Second, the writer needs to see the entire picture clearly.

Third, if you forget something, and remember about it only after you receive a final draft, you will have to add it yourself or pay more money for basically the same order. That is why it is better to spend an extra half an hour now than to make a doover later. 

Stage #2. Choose a writing service that is most suitable for YOU

There is no such thing as a perfect writing service. There are companies with more and less experience in the market, but that’s it. When you put aside some obvious scam or Kenya-driven options, you see an almost endless amount of companies with similar offers. Here are some tips which can help you to choose the most suitable one:

  • Price range. It should be no more than +- 10% from a market average. Don’t think that to receive a great paper you need to pay too much money. There is nothing exclusive in academic writing anymore, and elevated prices are only the sign of a specific marketing approach. At the same time, don’t be lured by extra cheap offers. No, they don’t show that you are lucky, they are a part of a low-quality scheme. Writing is a well respected international travel job, many are doing it.
  • Design. It should not be fusty. Of course, academic services won’t have websites like the ones you can spot among AI, robotics, and game-industry companies. However, you should not feel like you were sent back 10-15 years ago. Here we are looking for modern, user-friendly design, quality pictures, nice colors.
  • Online price-calculator. All the reliable writing services we know have online price-calculators on their website. It means that you can see the preliminary price of your order and make a decision before forming an order or talking to a support manager. There are three major factors that influence the final price — the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages, and your year of education. 
  • Extra services and, consequently, costs are optional. For example, you decide that you can pay someone online to write your essay. You open an order form and start filling it in. When you are done, the preliminary sum doubles. How did it happen? A reliable service always shows what influences the price and leaves it for you to choose. For example, you can add an extra $10 and receive three random papers of an assigned writer to assess their level. 
  • Progressive Delivery option. You need this option if your paper is 6+ pages. Using it, you will be able to receive a paper piece by piece, pay in installments, and control everything. It adds about 10% to the final cost, but it is definitely worth it. 

Stage #3. Fill in the order form and stay in touch with an assigned writer

After you are done with collecting all the information about your order, it will take you no more than 10 minutes to finish an order form. Pay attention to the extra services (and costs!) we have already mentioned.

Be reasonable when adding them to your “cart.” For example, if you are an ESL student and you order a simple essay, you don’t need a top-level ENL writer composing your paper.

The differen?es between your levels will be quite visible. When you finish filling in the order form, you will be offered to choose the most suitable payment option. Choose, pay, and wait for the first draft of your paper.

We strongly recommend staying in touch with an assigned writer via email or online chat. Sometimes writers have additional questions, and it is in your best interest to answer them on time.

Stage #4. Check the received draft, approve it, or ask for adjustments

At some point, you will receive a final draft of your paper and don’t be surprised to see it in PDF. That is how writing services protect their property. The idea is this — an intermediary service holds your money before you press the “approve” button.

If the service sent you a draft in an editable format from the very beginning, you would be able to “steal” it and never approve it. Assess content, formatting, style, quotes, etc. If everything is fine, you can press “approve the paper” and receive it in an editable format.

If you are sure that the quality is not as promised, or some instructions are not followed, you can ask an assigned writer to revise your paper. Please, add explanations as to why you think the paper needs to be revised.

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