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10 Best Websites To Watch Music Videos Online

It’s safe to say that technology allows us many things. The internet is a byproduct of technological advancements, and so has online music platforms.

In the 21st century, we can watch music videos online on the World Wide Web with little to no effort nor cost. Long gone are the days of MTV and music is now gradually accessible on the internet.

Music videos are getting increasingly popular and part of the brand-making process for an individual singer. Nowadays, any singer can make a quality music video.

But we’re here to talk about the top 10 websites to watch music videos. You might recognize some of these while others will come as total unknowns. So, without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.


It’s safe to say that YouTube is the biggest platform when it comes to watching music videos and video content in general. YouTube is the 2nd most popular website with only Google being in front of it.

But that also makes YouTube the best platform to watch music videos online. You’ve all been on YouTube and you all know how it works. There is no need to explain it as it is pretty self-explanatory.


If you cannot find something on YouTube, then it’s probably on Vimeo.

Vimeo is yet another popular platform where people post their music videos. However, Vimeo never managed to reach the same heights as YouTube. Frankly speaking, Vimeo is great but it will never be YouTube.

With all that said, Vimeo is a hub for high-quality content and information related to each video. If you ever wanted to find out more about a specific music video, then head over to Vimeo as chances are they’ll be more information to it.

Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music is a website solely designed for well…music. The purpose of this platform is to be the main upload hub for bands and artists. Yahoo Music has a huge library of selection, as literary every artist uploads here.

However, the platform is lesser-known, and not many people use it. And yet another drawback to the platform is that it solely works in the UK and US alone. That means that you cannot post your music content if you’re not from either country.

MTV Music

MTV was always going to be a part of the broader selection when it came to offering a platform for artists and bands. Their platform is conveniently named MTV Music.

For those that understand what MTV means, the name is quite silly but it does work. Being huge and quite possibly one of the biggest music channels on TV means that you have great pulling power.

Lots of people use this platform to stream music videos of their favorite artists. Since everyone wants to be on MTV, finding your favorite artist’s music video is generally an easy task.

MTV’s library is so huge that you’ll never get bored from it.


Most of you know Vevo for censoring your favorite rapper’s lyrics. But Vevo is also one of the biggest names in the industry.

Quite frankly, Vevo is so huge that everyone wants to be on it. The biggest stars in the industry are all sponsored by Vevo. But do you want to know what’s the best thing about Vevo? They have their music platform where you can watch all the music videos you want.

Since all Vevo does is original music videos, there isn’t a better platform out there for doing so. One thing that people do when it comes to Vevo is to watch their content on YouTube. It’s quite ironic if you ask us.


One of MTV’s biggest rivals is VH1. VH1, the same as MTV, is a well-known TV channel that specializes in music. But unlike MTV, VH1 is slightly less popular.

With all that said, VH1 is much more than a music channel. If you go over to their website you’ll quickly realize that. VH1 has everything from music videos to reality TV.

It’s quite honestly one of the best forms of entertainment out there; if you’re into trendy things and topics. They even have their podcast where they discuss the latest dealings and happenings in the musical industry.


A lot of websites that specialize in music videos tend to be either hugely popular or hugely popular with their own YouTube channels.

Well, if that’s the case for VH1, Vevo, and MTV, that’s certainly not the case for IMVDb.

If you ever wanted to find a better-looking music video sharing platform than IMVDb, then you’re welcome to try. While it doesn’t have the pulling power or neither YouTube, Vimeo, nor MTV or VH1, it is still a platform solely designed for online music videos.

Nearly 99% of all content on IMVDb is in HD quality, so you’re getting much more from it than only watching videos.


Most of you recognize Dailymotion as being one of YouTube’s biggest rivals. If the weird video didn’t come from YouTube nor Vimeo, then it did come from Dailymotion.

Dailymotion is sort of like the third player in the trifecta that is known as the video-sharing platform kings. If YouTube was the King and Vimeo is the Queen, then Dailymotion is the bishop that is desperately waiting for either to slip.

The platform is really good and provides you with tons of music video content. That’s not the only purpose of the platform as you’ll quickly find lots of other types of videos on it.

Old School Videos

Old School Videos is a great-looking platform that has all types of content. But one of the biggest reasons why we decided to include it was the fact that they have a category specifically for music vides.

This platform might well become your favorite one as it possesses a huge variety of music videos, but without YouTube’s poor recommendation algorithms.

The website is quite minimalistic, not cluttered at all, and an excellent place to get your daily dose of music videos.


Metacafe is yet another popular video-sharing platform where you’ll find much more than what you’re looking for.

The website, sadly, is significantly less popular than most others and that’s evident based on the viewer count. With all that said, the most viewed content on Metacafe is mostly music videos.

But, chances are you won’t find your favorite artist here. This is precisely why we’ve added Metacafe dead last as it is one of the least known platforms out there.

In Closing

There are endless sites to watch music videos on, just like countless great movies to watch when you’re bored. Watching music videos is a great way to pass time, cure boredom and maybe even get inspired to take action in other areas of your life, because a boring life simply isn’t an option for you…

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