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Top 17 Bored At Work Memes

Name us a more relatable thing than to be bored at work. Simply said, everyone has been in a situation at work where they simply cannot wait for hours to pass. That’s why people searching for best chat rooms are often at work.

But regardless of what happens or how much you’ve been chatting or texting, the next time you check the time it feels like it’s been an eternity. While in fact, only ten minutes have passed and yes, you’re still stuck at work dealing with boredom and a nagging boss.

So, because being bored at work is so relatable, we’ve decided to give you the 17 best bored at work memes to help you pass the time. Without further ado, let’s begin with our list.


The first meme on this list conveniently depicts the same thing we just said. The worst thing that you could do while bored at work is to wait for the time to pass.

If you try it, you’ll probably end up looking like this guy right here. Props to Twitter user @charles270 for coming up with this absolute gem of a joke.


It’s one thing to work at a boring job, but it’s an entirely different thing to have to attend work meetings. If you’re bored out of your mind then chances are you won’t enjoy the next Monday meeting.

But just as you thought the meeting would end, your annoying coworker Karen decided to ask a question that extended the meeting for an entire half an hour.

There isn’t a more relatable face expression we could come up with than Claire Underwood’s in House of Cards.


Sometimes our jobs are so bad and boring that we don’t give a rat’s as* what the new employee thinks. But our bosses rarely notice that. So they make the unlikely mistake of giving us the task to show the new employee around.

You can imagine their face when we tell them something like this.


Twitter user @THEKIDMERO really hit the nail on the head with this one. Some of us have such terrible and boring jobs that we couldn’t care less if we seized to exist.

The occasion would be even better if we’d actually feel anything about it once we’re gone.


This is a reality that we cannot escape from. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a company employee; it applied to both.

Being good at your job, and actually doing it, is a testament to your character. But it also means picking up extra work from your co-workers. This meme might not be about being bored at work, but we’ll quickly get there if we do everyone else’s job.


This one is pretty synonymous to #4, in a way that it speaks to how dreading our jobs can sometimes be. Twitter user @tbhjuststop gave us a really accurate representation of just how much it takes for us to leave our boring jobs.


Ah yes, the old BuzzFeed quizzing. Having a boring job will leave us staring at our screens the entire day. What’s even worse is when Karen posts a Buzzfeed quiz on Facebook that tells you what type of garlic bread you are.


Working at a boring 9 to 5 job means only one thing. We cannot wait for Fridays and we dread Mondays. This is a very simple yet highly relatable thing that every employee in the world can get behind.

While most sensible people finish their work on time, we with boring jobs leave it for Monday.


This one is pretty straightforward and pretty self-explanatory. A lot of people hate their jobs and this is an accurate representation of an ordinary day at work.

What’s noticeable here is that this is anything but ordinary when you have a job you love.


Everyone has gone through this phase at least once in their lives. Thinking about how to become a millionaire so you don’t have to do your boring job is the hardest thing ever.

But what’s not so hard is to relate to this meme. Some workers hate their jobs so much that they’ll even waste their free time coming up with evil masterplans.


Ah yes, sometimes we’re so bored at work that we’ll end up doing our work.

Very few people have been in this situation, but those that have will tell you all about it. Working just for the sake of being bored is probably the most productive thing ever.


We feel for Squidward here as anyone that’s ever worked 2nd shift at a boring job will act exactly the same. If that’s not putting insult to injury, seeing the happy faces of your 1st shift coworkers is probably the worst thing ever.


Bank holidays are everything that employees live for. The biggest excitement in the year is when a holiday gets connected with a weekend, resulting in some of the happiest scenes you’ll see around the office.

But once the 4-day weekend ends, then it’s hell all over again. We cannot fell but sympathize with this lady in this meme.


That moment when you have to do college-level mathematics just so you don’t hear yourself saying you got 8 hours left until home.

So, you’ll end up making mathematics like this guy over here. What’s even better about this meme is that it’s one of the most relatable ones we’ve ever seen.


This one needs very little explanation as to the person who made this wonderful desktop screen is a genius.

What better way to express your frustration from your boring job than with a picture of Kim Kardashian crying. I wonder what she cries about?


When your job is packaging things that require careful handling and you end up recreating Mario and Luigi from Super Mario.

This one says it all. We can sometimes be so bored at work that we’ll literary do anything. But more so, we’ll completely ditch our responsibilities in doing os.


Everyone’s preference for a job is that the job isn’t too “hobby” and doesn’t require too “work”.

A very relatable meme, to say the least, and one that is pretty much unanimously accepted in the community. If we’re going to have boring jobs, they might as well be not too “jobby” or “worky”.

These were some of our favorite “boring at work memes”. We’d love to see some of yours if you’d like to share them.

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