Traveling?! Windows 8 Wifi Fix & Battery Management Issues


Consider this a brief public service announcement regarding traveling with a new laptop that has the wonderful and wicked Windows 8 installed. There are a few little quirks if you want to call them that which you should be aware of regarding battery life and wifi as they will astonish you and could make you cry, for real.

WIFI POWER CONSERVATION FIX: There is a setting in Windows 8 that turns off the wifi option to save power when the battery gets low. Be aware of this and uncheck that box. Considering I don’t work for the Geek Squad, I’ll let you find that just be aware and a simple google search will set you straight. Alright, alright click here to find the Windows 8 Wifi Fix.

BATTERY LIFE MANAGEMENT: There is an option under power management that has maximum battery life or optimized battery life. Don’t be shocked if your laptop comes with “Optimized”. Basically what happens is that windows turns off power to the battery at 60% which is OK if you’re connected to a power cable all day. Thing is if you want to take it off and really use it you’ll be seriously limited at only 60% battery. This explains it all right here about the optimized battery health issue.

I had no clue and was trying to get a new battery replacement until I became aware of this. I’m not sure if it’s just Lenovo or all computers with Windows 8, I have a feeling it’s the latter and think you should be aware. Seriously, I got to Little Corn Island with limited battery life and no power half the time… My wifi also stopped working and I was left thinking I had a faulty machine! You don’t wanna go there emotionally, trust me.

Now you know! Imagine being off the beaten track with a “faulty battery” and wifi that won’t connect?! OH THE HORROR!!

I’d ramble on but I’m off to meet my friend’s that I kicked it with in Tanzania for lunch and laughs.

Tips hat,

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