Meatball Sandwiches at The Prescott in Ottawa, Canada


Yesterday one of my good friends and prolific SHABL comment creator “Flips” had a day off. Since my friend broke his foot in an egregiously erroneous event, there was no golf to be had. It was too rough / cold to go fishing aka I said “no way Jose” so we decided to do what gentlemen do. That’s sit around watching TV before going for a big stomach filling sandwich in Ottawa’s oldest and most well known bars / restaurants / institutions called “The Prescott“.

The Prescott in Ottawa opened its doors in 1934 and is known for many things, it’s just a monstrously massive block of building materials on Preston Street. Preston Street is downtown and in the heart of “Little Italy” and home to Ottawa‘s oldest Sports Bar and Restaurant, indeed. There were all sorts of old timers hanging out because let’s be real, besides Flips and myself most people are working at 2PM on a random Thursday afternoon, yes? Flips also informed me many of these people have probably been coming here for 40 years and he’s been coming off and on for over a decade or more.

It’s the kind of place where you can be yourself or that is how I felt. Lots of different people from all walks of life and I like that. Also, seems like the kinda place you can get loud and let loose which is also really cool. Anyways, the Meatball Sandwich is a classic and it’s supposed to be eaten any way you like but fries with meatball sauce is an option that Flips took, I went salad as I occasionally know what’s good for me. He was left in a food coma and I was sufficiently satisfied and it just tasted phenomenal.

Price wise it’s quite reasonable but my pint of Keith’s was $6.33 so that adds up quick if you’re thirsty.

Also, if they ask if you want cheese in the sandwich say “YES PLEASE”.

I’d continue but I’m off to Montreal for the weekend, I want a smoked meat sandwich and I know just the place…

Tips hat,

Author: SHABL

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