Thoughts From a Man With a Moustache

I sit here, massaging my most magnificent moustache (sic) at 9:11am in Krabi town, Thailand. I sit here, eating the spiciest chicken ginger of my life. I had the same for dinner last night and my “sickness” evaporated, as if into thin air. I asked a local lady through a series of charades which demonstrated me having a sore throat, glands etc. She replied “smoking sickness” or something, I nodded.

Decisions, decisonz (sic) what to do, what to do. If I leave tomorrow, I must catch the 6am to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or I won’t make it to the border in time. I’ve found numerous routes to possibly go and will inquire momentarily. Basically if I’m going to leave today, I have to hustle in about, oh … 20 minutes to catch the 11 oclock. I am still not sure but starting to believe the trip is 24 hours by bus, not 12. That sounds like a death drive where you’re certain to dive deep into dreams while devilish, diseased derelicts dive deep into ones pockets, yes?

I’ve heard stories, oh I’ve heard stories. At any rate, should I go on this bus, ok I’m going on it, I’ll lock my big back and keep my small ‘valuables” bag close to my chest. I’ve heard stories, oh I’ve heard stories.

Some stories include but are not limited to: Buddy passing out, waking up with all his quality stuff stolen, someone gassing a bus and stealing everyone’s stuff (seems far fetched), getting your stuff ripped off from under the bus, when you stop at one of those stations, you see someone who lives there does the ripping so should you become aware, the items are gone, like dust in the wind. If someone working the bus had them, it would be much to heat score, yes? Also, don`t assume it is local people stealing your stuff, travelers who don`t `budget properly`are notorious for this type of low life, petty theft.

On this topic, do you ever dig “deeper” and think why, what, when, where how for things that could possibly affect you? That or do you just look at the surface like going through life watching a television program unfold before your very eyes? Have you ever thought of the statistical probabilities of what you’re doing? Have you ever stopped to think, for a moment that there are billions of people, doing billions of things and everything everyone does in some way affects your life and everyone elses?(Same for animals and all creatures) Ever thought while driving how many separate “instruments” have to be in perfect harmony for the “symphony” that is the highway to work?

I’m assuming no, even though I loathe assumptions.

Last night was chill, I brought my laptop to the deliciously divine dinner I described above and … ran into some cool people. Next thing you know, a train of touristy travelers ran a train on my laptop. What a surprise, meeting cool people in Thailand, what a concept.

Next thing you know we’re out and about and having a drink. It’s always crazy to see the enthusiasm of people when they are ~24-48 hours in Thailand. I remember my first days here, well parts of them, and they were most amusing.

Didn’t sleep well at all last night, I got the last room and it was a fire trap. I simply can’t sleep well in fire trap’s aka rooms with no windows aka if there is a fire at your door, your #$%@ out of luck. I did however find the nearest exists but it’s easy to “assume you’d run them” until they were in smoldering heat. Accidents do happen and this gentleman has had his house burn down, not cool, people jumping from second floor windows and what not. These things actually do happen, back to the whole “do you ever dig deeper, think of statistics” part of this update. Don’t be a fool, don’t sleep in firetraps, ok?

For some reason, this fire trap was giving me nightmares of this haunted house near a baseball diamond where I grew up. I remember once, I hit a ball into the back yard, I hopped the fence and “the hounds were released”. Until you’ve had hungry hounds, howling at your heels you don’t know what it’s like, I digress.

Good day,

P.S So many westerners treat the local people like nothing, barking orders acting like total douche bags while donning burlap with a face full of metal and other undesirable materials. If you travel, don’t be that person.

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