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Figuring Stuff out in Krabi Town

ferry from koh lanta to krabi, thailand

I sit here, with the sobering and sinking sensation that I’m getting sick. A few days ago it started, I fought it off with some oregano oil and gargling with ocean water. Now I think it’s gotten worse. The kind where it feels like you have a dagger in your throat and your glands are burning, not so cool.

I went out last night, said my goodbye’s and passed out. I awoke 3 hours later, shivering, freezing. No more air con for this character, whenever I put it on at night, I wake up so incredibly cold it’s not worth it. The only time it’s great is during the day when you go from smoldering heat to a virtual icebox.

Caught the ferry from Koh Lanta to Krabi Town, on my way from the ferry I ran into this guy pushing luggage, we started chatting, told him where I was going and he asked if I wanted a free transfer “indeed” I replied. Got to my guest house and got what could only be described as VIP treatment, there was a line of people to get rooms, they all remembered my name, grabbed my bags and escorted me to my room, not my “fav room” but it’s taken and this place is completely sold out. I effectively got the last room which, sadly, doesn’t have a good wifi connection. Not sure how much the room is either as they never asked for any money, they said we could settle it when I left.

Taking the bus to Kuala Lumpur or from here on in, KL. It’s ~12 hours or so and half the price of a plane. I could go plane but… I came on this trip to see the world, not airports. Also, I enjoy pushing my “comfort levels” to the point that one day, I’ll be comfortable anywhere, anytime, doing anything. You follow?

Passed out for a while, when I arose it was Tesco Lotus time. Tesco Lotus is like a Wal-Mart here, only with more. Things there are incredibly cheap and don’t be shocked if when you get there, you’re the only person who speaks your language there. That said, the deals are incredible and I’m freshly stocked on white t’s, white socks and some other rando purchases. Typically I’d take a metered cab but I asked the lady how she would get there, she said she’d lend me a bike but I still don’t know where it is. As a result I took my first local pickup-truck cab today. The lady who filled me in on something I was unaware of did me a favor, as a result I bought her a loaf of banana bread. They asked if I wanted some to which I replied “no thank you”. Truth be told I eat so much of the “free samples” I’m kinda off that.

You stand by the side of the street, when you see a red pickup truck coming you flag them down. They charge based on length of trip, I went “the whole distance” so to speakand it only cost me 20 baht each way. Typically I’d pay ~70 baht one way and thing I “did ok”. The way back was different, no stop nothing, so I crossed the highway and flagged the driver down. It’s weird when you don’t know where you’re going, if you’re on the right cab and a host of other questions you’ll get the answers to in time. Kinda like buying stocks, hopefully you believe in where the company is going but until it gets to the destination, you never know what’s going to happen. I thought metered cabs were the way to go, wrong.

When you write everyday, you begin talking to yourself sometimes as though you’re writing, lots of the time it’s what you think is gold. Then you sit down in front of your PC and it becomes a struggle, there has to be an easier way.

As much as I miss the beach, the resort, the people, the parties, I’m really glad to be back in sleepy old Krabi Town. When in these types of places, it brings you back to reality instead of the fantasy that is the resort. It also motivates you to do some work, some business or something like that as you see others hustling, day and night, to a larger extend then yourself, for a smaller wage.

I’m going to miss Thailand, I’ve had an incredible month, visited incredible places and met some incredible friends. Truth be told, I didn’t even know about the islands, nothing. I just winged it when I found out I was going to LA and didn’t feel like paying $100-$200+US for a night. One thing I do know, without any doubt is that I will be back to Thailand. The people here are so incredibly happy and kind it’s unreal. Everyone is always smiling. Also the people you meet at resorts, don’t assume they all live “around there”. Most of them are actually incredibly special, extroverted people who come from all around the region. One of the resorts I stayed at had people from Laos, Burma, Cambodia and Thailand… Not everyone can stay up late everyday, wake up early each day and be in such an incredible mood that it’s contagious. If you suffer from depression, just visit Thailand for a while, you’ll leave smiling, if you aren’t smiling, go back to your Dr. and tell them you need to triple your current prescription.

I think I have to leave tomorrow, but may be able to push it one more day, it’s just if I pass the border even ~1 hour late (I’m getting that close) there could be fines, considering I’ve had ample time to leave, it would be akin to paying interest on a credit card, something that just isn’t right in this gentleman’s mind.

docking ferry from koh lanta to krabi

If you “truly” want to escape, like you are a workaholic, want to leave everything behind and just forget about the world? Try Koh Jum or something that sounds like that, on the way to Krabi, several times we stopped and longtail boats came out and docked up with the ferry, then people got in and out. There are still places in Thailand where electricity is recent and you can find beaches where the only tracks are yours, seriously. They are also considerably cheaper. I’d like to go to a place like that, but then how would I login to the internet? Met a guy from France who spent the last 2 weeks in a bungalow, totally secluded, right on the ocean, for 200 baht a night or ~$6US.

total solitude, total tranquility, totally koh jum thailand

I’m off to eat a big dinner that is so spicy it will burn out any “whatever” is making me sick.

Good day,

P.S I saw the gentleman rowing below in the middle of the ocean, you think you have it rough when you get a flat? Or your car doesn’t work? Try being in the middle of the sea, having your engine die and rowing a boat a few miles to shore, puts your little “mishap” into perspective, yes?

rowing a broken motor into shore in the ocean

P.P.S If you have a surplus of cash, YOU NEED to get it working for you. “They” want you to leave it in some GIC at bs %. The only way to be free in this world is to get the point where your $$$ works for you. You trade your time for $$$, why not trade your $$$ for more?

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