Haven’t blogged in a while, thought I was dead? I sorta am considering I’m in heaven, that was cheesy. Cheesy like the lasagna I wolfed down for a late lunch. Seriously, Taormina, Sicily is a premium slice from the pizza that is this planet, with extra Parmesan. Alliterations aside, this place is heavenly.

We got here a few days ago and my mother grabbed my arm saying “Robert, this place is heaven, I’m in heaven” and immediately changed our booking from 2 days to the rest of the trip basically. We had grandiose plans to see other places but I’m not complaining, this place is something special.

If I was backpacking around the globe like I typically do, would have never come. It’s packed with tourists, mainly the “Baby Boomer” crowd and couples who realize that coming here could solve anything. If you are on a romantic get away to Italy, check this place out.

What makes Taormina so awesome?

It’s a picturesque village of considerable size that is carved into the side of the cliff filled hills overhanging the sea.There are churches from the 12th century and castles perched on the tops of the hills. Beautiful flowers and birds singing as this small village marches to its own beat. At the base of the hills is a beautiful beach which I’ve yet to explore. Will note that I love being here but living here, especially off-season must be incredibly slow.

The main drag is a long street with many side streets which are no wider than a sidewalk with stairways made of stone ascending and descending from either side. They are draped with galleries, jewelers, restaurants and every type of high end clothing you could imagine. There is literally something for everyone, all I’ve bought is drinks, dinner and enough gelato to clog both our arteries.

I could go on but the photos talk for themselves.

Obviously, put this place on your “things to do list”.

Tips hat,

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