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Spring Forward: When to Start Spring Cleaning

Did you know that the average person living in the United States spends about six hours a week cleaning their homes? 

If you’re working full time, taking care of a family, and dealing with other responsibilities, six hours is a lot of time.

If you (like most of us) are behind on cleaning, a deep spring clean is the perfect way to get your life together. All you need is a plan of action so you know what to tackle first, and to gather all of your cleaning tools together- like a mop, bucket, cleaning sprays, and your Riccar vacuum; and cleaning can be a breeze. But, you may be wondering when to start spring cleaning.

The timing can make all the difference. To learn when the best time for you to start spring cleaning is, keep reading.


What Is Spring Cleaning and Why Is It Important?

Spring cleaning is the phrase to describe the bulk cleaning that most homeowners do once every year. After staying indoors for most of the winter, homeowners feel the need to clean and air out their homes for the spring.

That’s where spring cleaning comes in. For homeowners who want someone to take the burden off their hands, look for a company that offers house cleaning Houston services (or cleaning services wherever you are based), and you won’t have to worry again about spending too much time on cleaning.

You can use this time to refresh your home and your mind while completing important home-related tasks.

From flipping mattresses to changing shower liners, spring cleaning can help you get it all done.

When to Start Spring Cleaning

You can look at spring cleaning in one of two ways. 

The first option is to look at the traditional definition of spring cleaning. This states that you should start cleaning when the weather starts getting warmer.

You’ll know that it’s time to start cleaning when it gets so warm outside that you’re ready to leave doors and windows open. This is the feeling we all crave after a harsh winter. But don’t be hasty – if you know you’re due a particularly large spring clean or will be throwing a lot of things away, see if you can hire a temporary dumpster company like, so you have somewhere to throw old items or garbage and can clean in peace.

The second option is to consider spring cleaning ahead of time. This method will give you more time to enjoy the warm weather when spring does come around.

With the second option, you’d be cleaning your home closer to the middle or end of winter. Many people take their winter break to get this cleaning done.

The upside to spring cleaning in the winter is that it’s all done by the time it starts getting warm outside.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

No matter when you start your spring cleaning, you need to be organized ahead of time. Many homeowners keep a running list of things they need to get done. This may include the last time they completed routine tasks such as changing air filters.

If deep cleaning your home isn’t on your list of things to do, you should hire a spring cleaning company. It’s better to hire professionals than skip spring cleaning altogether.

With professional cleaners, you can be confident that everything in your home will get a proper clean.

Learn More About Cleaning Your Home

When to start spring cleaning is your choice. Whether you want to work ahead of time or wait for the warm weather, your home will thank you.

The process of cleaning your home is great for home upkeep as well as taking care of your own mental health.

To learn more about cleaning your home and the proper way to do spring cleaning, check out the rest of our blog.

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