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How Mattresses Affect Your Sleep

Have you slept for hours but you’re still tired and groggy? Your old or poor-quality mattress may affect sleep and general well-being.

Your mattress influences the quality of your sleep. Researchers have found a correlation between comfortable sleep, stress-free days, and the structural integrity of your mattress. According to a study, changing your beddings and using a good mattress increases the quality of your sleep and you must decide between isense vs i8 mattress the one you feel the best to choose.

Many people, as seen on these Nectar customer reviews, agree that they sleep better on a comfortable mattress.

Signs it’s time for a new mattress


Sleeping on your mattress for years cause it to sag or sink due to your body weight. Most mattress companies account for these defects in their warranties. A deformed mattress doesn’t support people with bone conditions like scoliosis.

However, if a mattress is too firm, you may get uncomfortable pressure points that disrupt your sleeping pattern. Squeaky sounds are a sign that you need a mattress. Defects also interfere with a mattress’ air circulation so you’ll feel hot in bed.


Millions of dust mites live in used mattresses and feed on your dead skin cells. Their fecal matter is harmful to our respiratory systems. We unknowingly sleep on mite-infested mattresses but if you have allergies, the quality of your sleep will decline. Skin rashes, eczema, asthma, and difficulty breathing are some of the reactions to dust mites.

Cleaning your sheets and vacuuming the surface of your bed keep these mites at bay. However, the dust mites’ population multiplies despite these hygiene practices.

Other allergens like mildew, pollen, dust, mold, and mildew on mattresses also cause itchy eyes and rashes so, if you suspect your mattress is affecting your health, it might be time to check out things like this Sleepify comparison article and think about getting yourself a new mattress to sleep on at night. 

Lack of sleep

Sleep restores and repairs your body and mind. However, sleeping on a bad mattress for months causes long-term sleep deprivation. You should therefore explore the best mattresses that are available for purchase, and choose one suited to your sleeping style and any sleeping problems that you may have.

Studies show that you may suffer the following mental health issues;

  • Poor judgment, a foggy mind, stress
  • Drowsiness
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances, etc.

Sore joints and back pain

Sleeping on a sagging mattress causes stiffness, sore body muscles, and lower back pain. This discomfort may develop into chronic pain. A good mattress should keep your spine in its natural state of alignment as you sleep. This sleeping position strains your back and increases the risk of developing arthritis. As a bed sags, your torso dips. You’ll keep tossing and turning in bed as you look for a comfortable position to relieve the ache in your joints.

How long should you use a mattress?

According to mattress companies, the life expectancy of a mattress is 8 to 10 years. However, the following factors may reduce this lifespan. The type of your mattress, its quality, your lifestyle, your weight, and your age. You should flip and air your mattress every 3-6 months to maintain its structure.

How to fix a bad mattress

If you’re not ready to buy a new mattress you can make the following adjustments to your old one to improve the quality of your sleep.

TipHow It Works
Add a mattress topperIt may extend your mattress’ life. It’s firm and soft enough to smoothen out sags and dips as it offers you more support. 
Add a mattress cover It protects you from dust mites and other allergens your mattress may have
Maintain hygieneThis protects your mattress from stains or spills and stops mildew and mold growth.
Replace your pillowsThe right pillow can relieve pressure between your knees if you side-sleep. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees to relieve your lower back. 


What to consider when buying a new mattress

You should try your mattress in a store before making a purchase. You can also buy dust mite-resistant, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial mattresses. Some firmness labels aren’t accurate. You can use a mattress firmness scale to assess its softness.

A firmer mattress may not translate to comfort so you can pick an adjustable one. Some adjustable mattresses have multiple zones that vary in firmness. A mattress that’s firm around your midsection and soft at the shoulders is ideal


Good sleep plays an important role in maintaining your health. Replacing your old mattress can improve the quality of your sleep. A good mattress helps you to sleep well since it maintains your physical and mental health.

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