Splendid Day in Singapore, Video Blog III

guy fumigating in singapore with insecticides no mask

Greeting ladies and gentlemen of this here internet,

Today was, how do I say, great? I woke up and forced myself to fall back asleep, not once, twice, but thrice. When I finally arose near noon I took the subway and met a guy “Andy” who went on a rant about Singapore, it was most amusing. I find it funny how they have NO SMOKING everywhere yet when they fumigate, they REALLY go to town.

Also, what’s with all these people complaining about smoking in clubs or restaurants, don’t like it? Get a job elsewhere or don’t go to the club, the guy above doing this fumigating didn’t even wear a mask and I didn’t hear him complaining.

You see, as long as you are a somewhat gregarious character, you never need a map, never need a guide book, nothing. Just a question, approachable demeanor and a big smile. That’s how I met Andy, an older gentleman in his 60’s who was more than eager to steer me right and chat about the differences between Canada, America and Singapore.

I will note, when I say I’m from Canada, people start smiling. I’m very grateful to be from arguably the best country in the world.

Made my way to lunch with some friends of my parents and it was delicious, a plethora of Chinese delicacies at Din Tai Fung in the basement of the Raffles City Mall. Afterward I just I made the video above and just hung out before going to eat some more Chinese food for dinner. Talked to my dad on skype today, he said he has to scrape his car before going out, talk about crap, yes? I’m soooo glad I don’t have to deal with any of that BS anymore.

Raffles City Shopping Mall in Singapore

Anyways, this is video blog III and they are still a work in progress, practice makes perfect and <insert another played out cliche> here if you wish.

I booked my ticket to Bali for $104S total ~$80US, tax in which is more than 100% cheaper then any other ticket I could find, that alone puts a smile on my face. Oh, gold is ripping (don’t say I didn’t tell you, that said NOW is not the time to get in, IMO) again and the US dollar is being pummeled into oblivion. What did they think would happen whey they started printing money like drunken sailors in a game of monopoly? Really!?

On a side note, today was my first day in Singapore without a simple white-t shirt and cargo shorts… What a difference, people who typically would not notice / ignore you… Suddenly they were looking, even chatting with you. What snobs! It’s like that in any major city which is why I always wear a white-t shirt. I like to blend in, be there but not there, be there but not the mark…

A friend of mine J wrote something on this which was quite timely as I was thinking something to this extent today. I suggest you check it out here.

On the topic of gold, if you’re from Canada and you own a passport… You’ve already got gold, you can travel anywhere. I talk to many people about places I’m off to and they say “I wish, that country won’t give us a visa”. I don’t even apply for a visa, I just show up with a smile and my Canadian passport.

Good day,

P.S I actually really like Kuala Lumpur but it is pretty diseased with lots of rats and roaches and derelict people sleeping and dying on the streets. Supposedly nothing compared to India.

P.P.S: Those who shorted stocks thinking Dubai “going broke” mattered, enjoy your rat scrotum ravioli and slam your fingers in a car door for thinking it was “smart” to short a freight train that can’t and won’t be stopped for some time, especially with holiday shopping coming! Hopefully with broken fingers, you’ll think twice next time.

P.P.S It’s Aids Day today, I see a lot of people doing stupid stuff when traveling and taking stupid risks. Why bother? When is the last time you woke up full of regret for going home alone? Probably never.

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