#100 – You’ll Be Dead Long Enough

Die before you die and in death you will find life

Hello, good day and welcome.

Today marks a special day in the history of “Stop Having a Boring Life”, this update here is the 100th on the blog. 85% of statistics are made on the spot and with that 90% of bloggers never make it this far, they quit and cry while cutting themselves donned in burlap or gothic attire listening to emo music wondering why no one comes, or no one visits, or no one comments. That’s because they blog for all the wrong reasons. That’s because they are just trying to make a buck, producing lame, uninspired content on topics they know little and care even less about.

I digress.

I blog because I like doing it and I wanted to do this trip for ~5-8 years but never had the b@ll$ to just drop everything and “go for it” and was always searching for a blog like this. Seriously it’s very stressful giving up a life when you’ve “got everything you need and more” or as some would say “set for life”. There are many steps all with their own stress to getting to the point where you’ve sold almost everything and you walk into the office and tell your boss “We need to talk”. Remember, quitting your job is the LAST STEP. Imagine quitting your job and then not being able to sell your house etc… Also once you quit your job, you’re effectively “out to sea” and have already “left the dock”, no turning back now…

Hopefully others with the means and desire to do so can find this blog and it will let them know “ignore what all the haters and douche bags who can’t do these trips say”. Ignore it when people tell you “the world is dangerous, mean and you’ll regret it”. What’s the point of having a life people think is good when it makes you bored to the core of your soul? Going through life bored is no way to go through life. I searched forever to find a blog that discussed the daily ups and downs of quitting it all and going to travel indefinitely. I found none, just some crappy travel blogs that update once a week or less discussing “where they’ve been” or stuff I could find in better detail on wikipedia etc… That said, there are some great ones but most are garbage.

As a result, I started this so others in the future can find what I couldn’t. Also I’m here to tell you that the world is relatively safe, the majority of the people in it are nice and that you’ll often probably grin and say to yourself “this is the most fun I’ve ever had”.

It’s 4PM in Singapore, I’ve been awake for 3 hours. Woke up to this monsoon like rain and the sliding doors near me was open, effectively raining on my face, computer, camera, smokes everything. I awoke and saw a facebook message saying “WAKE UP, CALL ME”. I did just that. Rolled out of bed and into the subway to China Town then to Raffles Place. Sadly, I forgot my camera because Raffles Place is very very cool if you like massive buildings, the vibe of people banking serious coin, construction and just the “business part of town” if you will. It was industrious, inspiring.

laugh at fear, it is temporary, regret is forever

I love the business part of town and this trip WILL END one day. All things end one day. I as looking at a gold fish in a giant gar pike looking fish tank in Kuala Lumpur and thought “what’s it like to know you’re dead” being that fish in the tank… We’re all that little fish people, we’re all going to die one day and our tank is this world and that’s what makes life great. If we lived forever what would be the point of hustling and making things HAPPEN NOW? Once you realize you’re already a dead man/woman walking with a timer going “tick tock” you actually start to live. If you fear death, poverty or failure you’re probably scared to live, yes? “Scared money doesn’t make money”, “Scared people live boring lives”.

Alright, enough about all that. This is the 100th update on this blog and day ~77 of my trip. Wow, day 77? I remember going for 7 day trips and thinking “this is sweet”, now I’m 11 times longer and often seen at 7/11’s around the world. That said, whenever I took a trip like that, I was riddled with anxiety knowing this is the life I want but I’m only getting a taste of it, a crumb of the pie if you will. I’m a glutton and I wanted a whole pie to myself, so I “got me one” and paid the “price”.

So far in these 77 days, I’ve been from Ottawa  to Vancouver, Victoria, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Bangkok, numerous Thai islands, Kuala Lumpur and now Singapore with the next stop Bali, Indonesia. It’s a decent number of places but still for 77 days, not that much, then again, what’s the rush? If I just wanted passport stamps I could spend a night in each place at an airport hotel, what would that achieve though?

The first month, this blog got NO VISITS but I blogged, in October things picked up significantly, kept blogging and in November they doubled again. Where will December and beyond go? Who cares, I may get crushed by a car, crippled by a cougar, devoured by a dog, mauled by a manatee or slaughtered by a semi when I go to the corner store for some sandwiches. Get where I’m going with this?  Life is a short trip, do what you want, when you want because you’ve been dying since the day you were born.

(Takes a shot of Johnny Walker & Lights a Marlboro)


Good day,

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