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SHABL Attending a Polish Wedding

Polish wedding rzeszow


So I made this trip across Europe for a very important date, which is today. The date is July 10th, 2010 and I have the esteemed pleasure of accompanying the maid of honor to a Polish wedding. I do not think it will be QUITE as traditional as this one above, but seriously, what do I know?

It’s odd how when you travel the world becomes small. Who would of thought that yours truly would meet a very wonderful woman in Vietnam and months later be her date for the biggest day of her best friends life. The wedding is in the beautiful town of Rzeszow which is over 650 years old, considering I’m Canadian and we were confederated in 1867, that makes this place old school, to say the least.

Remember my friends, you’ll never know unless you go.

Supposedly shots of vodka is the drink of choice, a friend of mine who married a Polish woman gave me some very wise words “pace yourself”, this is their drink and no matter who you think you are, you will be drank under the table so this is not the time to be a hero, haha.

I totally believe him, time to enjoy something totally different, I feel lucky to be invited and to partake in what I’m sure will be a new and very pleasant experience. Part of the reason they drink straight vodka is because if you spill it, there are no stains.

Tips custom tailored top hat,

P.S: If there was EVER a time I’d love to have a tuxedo and a top hat in my bag, it’s now. If you’re a dedicated reader of this blog, you know how I feel about that magical “ensemble”, ha.

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