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Train from Krakow to Rzeszow, Poland

lisbon oriente train station

Hello from Rzeszow, Poland.

What’s cracking? After the update, I ran into these 2 Swedish girls on the train and then this dude from Texas, helped pass the 7 hour trip from Prague to Krakow. When I arrived in Krakow I was met by one of my favorite ladies on this planet excluding family of course. She helped the Swedish girls get a hostel and then we retired to a friend of her’s apartment for what I call “Da Crash” aka how you feel after you travel for ~80+ hours without checking into a hotel or sleeping in a bed or anything. Just overnight trains and train stations, what a trip!?

Polish train

This morning took a train from Krakow to Rzeszow. If you are on a Eurail global pass and you come to Poland, take the train all the way to (forget the name) but it starts with an O and is right on the border, I definitely could have had a cheaper ticket to Krakow had I done that. I was upset for 2.7 seconds that I didn’t play it perfect but that is when a Swedish girl I had met 1 hour earlier said “that’s not your personality” and I was like, you are right, I am NOT a details person, no sir.

Berlin train station

Poland is well, awesome?

******* hours later *********

So I’m writing this and get invited to dinner by the brother and mother of the lady I’m visiting. Eat some traditional Polish food and meet up with her after, we all drink a few beers in the town square before retiring to a fine massage. I’d love to tell you how the massage was but I fell asleep supposedly after 5 minutes and woke up alone in a room.

sleeping on train luggage rack

Poland is a great place and I’m glad I came here as prices are back “down to earth”. Please remember that if you do not work in a high wage country, why would you spend your money there? People are people everywhere and Poland has some fine people, great food and arguably some of the nicest looking ladies in the world. Why spend 3.50 for an expresso in Paris when you can have a pint for 2E in the city center in most Polish cities?

zupa travel story

That got me thinking as well, I’m kinda past clubs. I prefer to drink a pint in the sunshine during the day, in a city center no less. It’s truly more sophisticated and enjoyable, you can even, dare I say, have a conversation!?

drinking in town square

If you spend as much time as I did on trains, you may find yourself sleeping in every position known to mankind, even the luggage storage. Also that pic of random stuff, I got all that and that pint in the other photo for like 12E. I love Poland for many reasons. I’m loving the whole Eastern block so far.

buying stuff in poland

Just remember, if you earn online or via any means besides direct labor, DO NOT get caught up in “traditional tourist destinations” those are for people on vacation. If you are fortunate enough to be in this situation, the world is your oyster, go eat some.

sale in poland

The travel story photo was published by the lady I’m visiting, I met her at the Beach Club in Hoi An, one of my favorite cities in the world. Her motto is great and I agree “The world is a book, if you do not travel, you only read 1 page”. Let me tell you as I get through a few chapters, this is an awesome book, make sure you don’t get stuck on that 1st page…

working in train 1st class

Also, upon reflecting I am glad I took the train, how do you get to know a country? By taking a plane and partying in a few places, hanging out with tourists at a few attractions? Even though I breezed through some countries, I’ve seen them spending hours going through cities and country side. Europe is a cool place but honestly, this whole world is cool, just find out where you fit in best and go with it…

sunset in poland

Have a sick weekend,

P.S: I took over 200 photos on this bender trip. There are these photos, a sukhothai write up and a 9 minute walk through Kuta Bali that need to be added, at some time, in the future. My battery is officially dead.

sleeping train station

P.P.S: This is where I slept in the Berlin train station, most of the night my bags were in storage so I just lay there and woke up later, I guarantee you, when you wake up in a train station it’s a “WTF, Where am I” type feeling.

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