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Pleasures of a Polish Wedding Party

Open Bar at a Polish Wedding Vodka

Hello new and old friends alike,

Yesterday I had the profound pleasure of being a distinguished guest at a most wonderful wedding in the picturesque city of Rzeszow, Poland. I don’t know how to explain what was one of the most pleasant evenings of my entire life, I’ve had a lot of “pleasant evenings” fyi. Ever met people and known them for a few hours but felt like you were partying hard with old high school friends? You know the saying “There aint no party like a west coast party coz a west coast party don’t stop?” Well, “There aint no wedding party like a Polish wedding party because a Polish wedding party don’t stop”.

great time at a polish wedding

Ceremonies are ceremonies so lets not waste time talking about boring stuff like that, the party was well a sick party. A SHABL approved sick party, STAMPED. Only in Poland from what I know will you have had 5 shots of vodka before your main course comes and saying main course is well a farce because there are so many courses it’s insanity. They just have a never ending supply of frozen 26’s on the table and everyone is filling the shot glasses as quickly as they deplete.They have tables decorated with linen and tablecloths that have never ending platters and straight up bottles of whatever poison you pick, serve yourself styles.

Wedding Platter in Poland

Now lets talk about the food, I do not know how many courses there were or massive platters but at about 2am they were serving yet another course. 10 courses? 15 courses? 223423432 courses? I have no clue but every dish was delicious no it wasn’t delicious, it was out of this world and if you’re eating all night, it’s much easier to drink all night. Remember, if yours truly settled for his old life, none of this would have happened, you gotta push the envelop and when you get tired, “put your back into it”. Embrace the unknown while ruthlessly culling the past from your psyche.

Vodka Shots Polish Wedding


I will say it was quite interesting seeing peoples reactions when they ask where we met and she says “At a beach club in Vietnam”, it almost sounds like a joke, but it’s not, it’s treu(sic). This trip just keeps getting better and better, kinda like life does as you get older, unless of course you drove yourself into an inescapable murderhole…

Wedding Church

My mind is kinda mush and that is an understatement, just if you ever get a chance to go to a Polish wedding, it’s worth 83 hours of travel AND MORE! It also helps when you have arguably the funnest date to ever show up at a wedding, just saying. Hey, it even had it’s own wedding singers, haha not the dude from Old School or the Hang Over but still cool. Check this site out for everything you need to prepare for a wedding.

The Wedding Singer

Woke up this morning to a brilliantly sunny day in an awesome hotel room, now it’s time to chill out before going to the town square to watch the final game of the World Cup. People have said “So should I check out Poland?” I say “Yes, however…”. I cannot give you a point of view from a tourist as I’ve spent my whole time here at someones house, going out to dinners and well attending weddings. Just know I’m keen to explore more of this country. 4ZL = 1E fyi.

church stained glass

Soon, it’s time to continue running circles on this crazy world.

Flick of the cap,

P.S: Get off the net and strike up a random conversation, the opportunities and rewards are endless.

carpe diem, seize the day

P.P.S: Enjoy and seize every second of your life, you will live for decades but it’s seconds that will dictate how those years are spent. Join the Carpe Diem Klub and never look back.

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