Relaxing Day on South Padre Island, Texas


I’m leaving Texas today and I’m not thrilled about it. Yes, I’m happy to be going home but I’ve been having an awesome time here, ya know… Suffice to say Larissa tipped me off to a program called Qwiki and I finally decided to look into it. It’s this cool application that makes well what you’re watching above from the videos and photos on your iphone. Supposedly if you have your own music you can use that too but I have none so I’m stuck with the generic soundtracks, for now.

This gives you an idea of what it was like hanging out and exploring a bit of South Padre Island yesterday. It was solid times and the beach was a blast. We met some of my friend’s friends and well made new friends, drank some beers and finally went to Laguna Bob’s to devour a few plates or pounds of peel and eat shrimp. They also claim to have the best ceviche on the planet which I say is a bit of a tall order but I ordered it no less and it did taste as though it had been blessed, whatever that means…

I’m catching a flight and should be back in Ottawa by 1am tomorrow morning, yeeeha!


Tips hat,

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