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Reality of Living & Working on a Deserted Beach

Hola – Que Pasa?

Believe it’s a fantasy for many to live  and work on a deserted beach in a laid back town that most have never heard of. There is nothing going on but the endless crashing of the waves and seldom a visitor besides the sleepy residents. It’s possible to travel with jobs where you work by yourself. You can have a beach to yourself at dawn for jogs and casually stroll to a local fish monger and buy lobster tails the size of Toronto for dimes on the dollar. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

For the most part, the fantasy is in tune with reality. You just need good company even if it’s yourself. Without it, you may go stir crazy. The important matter is you wish to work here as well. We’ll discuss the pros and cons and you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s something that would fit for you and your current or fantasy lifestyle. FYI, I’m living in the beach house above, it has large open concept with a gazebo in the back and beyond the fence is the beach and the pacific ocean. Click here for beach photos, would upload more but check out the “cons”.

Pros: It’s cheap, it’s beautiful, it’s inspiring and there are few distractions. You’ll eat like a king and be inspired like an explorer as you sit alone on these massive rock formations between two deserted beaches and watch the sun set on a clear evening. You’ll find yourself lazing around in the hammock during the day and being very active and productive in the mornings. You may wake up when you hear a rooster and retire an hour or so after the sun sets. You buy garlic lobster dinners that come with 3 tails for less than a Big Mac combo and the people you do seldom meet on the beach are always characters. You’ll accelerate at learning the local language as gregarious local people will become your main source of social interaction.   If you like cooking you can buy a pound of fresh fish for $1.50 and if you get bored take a trip to the nearest town 30 minutes away…

Cons: It can get isolating if you’re not in a great place in your life, the heat can become over-bearing during the middle of the day so if you’re not morning person, you’ll be waking up to a sauna. The internet will be sketchy at best with two bars from a cell tower. You can’t work properly if your business is web design or coding as the internet connection keeps fading and you’ll never be able to upload / download files for the same reason. You’ll get sand in your electronics which isn’t cool, you’ll have to keep your valuables safely stowed as there is no one around, when you’re on the beach your stuff is just there. Power outages are all too common and if you do get bored at night, better hope your internet connection works because there is NOTHING GOING ON. If you’re having a bad day it’s easy to wander around listlessly as though looking for keys you don’t have wondering what you’re doing with your life.

That sums up the major pros and cons that immediately come to mind. If you’re going to be working it is best suited for writers or coordinators who predominantly outsource everything and are just required to give guidance. If I want something written I’ll hire someone. If I need some work done, I’ hire someone and apart from that I mainly just write and dream so it’s working out perfectly.

Believe the fantasy of working / living on a beach is one many of us have. Just realize that after a few days of soaking up the hammock while your liver does the same with rum it gets old. You need to make something of your day, have a game plan and stay active or it’s easy to become sedated and despondent as there is seriously not much whatsoever going on.

Currently living with my backyard as a beach in Las Penitas, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is solid, that’s a fact. Was the only person at this guesthouse for a few days, it was a unique experience and felt as though I owned this place for $6 a night. The grass is so fine all I’m missing is a pitching wedge and a few golf balls. There are places like this around the world that can be incredibly productive and inexpensive, just weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself…

The fantasy is a possible reality, just realize the pros and cons before making the move.

Hasta luego,

P.S: Don’t forget surfing if you’re on the right beach. This one has waves that crash fast and hard. Have only see one or two surfers and they weren’t up for long.

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