Poppin Penicillin & Buying Stocks

Spent the last ~42 hours or so on a friends pull-out sweating out all the sins of my last week while the penicillin started to work it’s charm. Dare I say I’m starting to feel quasi-human again, just in time might I add.

I spent the morning buying stocks, poppin (sic) penicillin and eating chunky soup with the television on the apartment building lobby channel. Chunk soup truly is delicious, I tip my fictitious hat to it. On the stock front I mainly bought gold, oil and solar stocks with a pinch of shippers. I’m digging the whole 4G Revolution brought to my attention by none other than “The Fly” but they are all predominantly on the US exchanges. Despite the  US dollar being weaker than the immune system of a homeless man on East Hastings, I’d still rather stick to the TSX if possible. Luckily I’m into commodities and the like, all of which can be found on the TSX. RIM is getting it’s a$$ handed to it today and I’d buy some if I was a degenerate but to be frank, I hate blackberries and love iPhones so why bother. That said I still may buy some at the end of the day as it’s taken a 17% haircut today into the arena of 2 month lows.

It’s Friday today, when a hippesque friend of mine returns from surfing we may venture to his cottage to fish and what not. Supposedly it’s up island about 1.5 hours or so. Vancouver island is massive, larger than many European countries.  Victoria is at the Southern tip, if I plan on venturing to most of the island, this weekend is as good as any, despite my health condition which could best be described as “lacking”.

Ok Ok, I bought some RIMM shares on the TSX in the mid to low $75’s a share even though I despise blackberries because the way they surf the web could only be described as “prehistoric”. However I do have a penchant for all things lucrative, should we continue trending down in this stock, I’ll eat a sandwich or two and sell it for a profit sometime later. Truth be told probably would of been smarter to wait until end of day but whatever.

On a side note, I’m now over a month since that fateful day I gave in my “2 weeks notice”. Do I regret resigning in order to stop having a boring life? Not at all, in fact I highly recommend it.

If I don’t go to a cabin this weekend, I’ll continue looking into trademark registration for that  business I told you about. Truth be told it’s ready to roll but I want some protection, sure in the heat of the moment it seems like a good idea to “roll out” but once it’s all said in done, you never regret protection, ever.

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