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Pick Your Battles Wisely

It’s important to pick your battles wisely in life. If you don’t it’s easy to expend your energy on pursuits which seem pale in comparison to opportunities that present themselves at a later date. Let me tell you what’s going on.

A friend of mine is a bartender and one of the ladies he works with is taking off for a year or so to Asia. As a result they are having a party of sorts. I went with him, had a good meal and a good time.

I just dropped them off with some of the ladies we met tonight and they are all going to party downtown but I’m here blogging, with you, the interwebz.

Having a bad case of trench throat I refrained from any drink tonight and now find myself about to pass out while my friends paint the town. It’s important to not over extend yourself on say weeknights and miss the weekends.

Finding the place I’m staying from downtown wasn’t so bad because of the simple “nothing should look familiar” principle I follow. I get a kick out of driving in places with vague directions that I’ve never been before. Lot’s of people would freak out but the secret is not over analyzing and just looking for street signs. Remember, nothing will look familiar because you’ve never been there. I digress.

Having second thoughts as to whether I should just pop some more penicillin and go back downtown, they were quickly squelched when the television show I left hours ago is now on at the exact same place I left it. Again a sign of the red road.  There really are tones of markers as to which path you’re on in life.

We got some fishing rods from a buddies this afternoon. Tomorrow or Sunday we’re going up to his cabin to fish his lake, then go to Tofino to fish the Pacific ocean. As there is H1N1 not too far from Tofino, it feels like there is a grisly old bear(old guy who shorts  stocks in size when you’re going long) stabbing the back of my throat when I try and swallow and my immune system is weaker than an anorexic body builder suffering from mono, I’m passing out.

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