Ottawa Voted Canada’s Most Boring City? Really?!

So there was this event called “The Boring Awards” not long ago in Canada. I know what you’re thinking, who would want to go to that event but let’s get past that, ok? The issue is that Ottawa was voted the most boring city in Canada, that’ right the MOST BORING. There is NO DOUBT that Ottawa is a somewhat boring city and that all residence at one point or another have told their siblings, parents or spouses that they are bored but that’s universal though…

Heck, I’m from Ottawa and I started a blog called “Stop Having a Boring Life”.

What actually makes Ottawa a boring city is the type of residents it attracts aka “Sam and Sally Security” or “Paul and Paula Politicians”. When it comes to a government town such as Ottawa, security is the name of the game. Who cares about how you spend the first 65 years of your life when you can retire in what sounds like “heaven”. You get great benefits and job security which in today’s world is hard to come by, yes? On the bright side, marijuana is now legal in Canada! So if you are visiting, check out a Canadian online dispensary guide and have a package waiting for you at your hotel room.

Growing up in this city I’ve seen an influx of boring people the older I get. Also many of my friends that have stayed have become increasingly boring as they age, it’s sad but true. It also appears as though their is a pilgrimage of boring types looking for security while all the adventurous and creative souls I once knew have moved to more exciting places like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or simply gone global.

Now that we’ve set the stage, I want to address that voting Ottawa as Canada’s most boring city is some kind of joke, it has to be. Canada is a beautiful place but there are plenty cities that I’ve personally visited within the borders that are way more boring than Ottawa… Remember that at the end of the day, Ottawa is an international city with something going on all the time, regardless of how vanilla you like your latte.

The boring city list goes something like this: Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Sherbrooke, Moncton, Campbell River, Prince Rupert, Edmonton, Peterborough, Hamilton, Brockville, Oshawa, Kingston, Port Hardy, Ucluelet and the list just goes on…

In fact, if you want to see a comprehensive list of boring cities, check out the TBEX press trips being offered to international travel bloggers attending the event. You can rest assured I did not sign up for any of these trips because going on a group tour to London, Sudbury, Hamilton, Kingston, Thunder Bay or Peterborough is a fate I wish on on one, not even the creators of this rubbish boring list.

In closing, I’d like to say that I’ve been to every province and territory in Canada besides Prince Edward Island, Yukon and The North West Territories so I’ve been around. Ottawa isn’t Toronto or Vancouver but it most certainly has a tremendous wealth of natural beauty and all sorts of events going on at any given time and two universities. Oh yeah, it’s also a great place to raise your kids but I guess that goes hand in hand with safety, security and a bit of boredom, yes?

Tips hat,

P.S: Good luck finding anywhere in Canada with more golf courses in the area than Ottawa, it’s golfer’s paradise…


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