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Night Bus to Ko Tao, Thailand

Ladies and gentlemen, good day to you all.

I’m feeling fantastic, only wish  I could be home to celebrate the birthday of someone special to me. That aside, last night I booked a night bus to Ko Tao.

I’ve got an 8 hour bus ride to Chumpan, or Chumpong, something like that and then a ferry to the island of Ko Tao. I’m totally just “winging this trip”, buddy said “I’m here and this is how you get here”, to which I replied “Cool, trip is now booked”. The entire trip is 500 baht, yes that’s right, ~ $15-16US. I didn’t even know it was an island until I started googling images. You see, I’m not a “details guy”, I’m a “big picture guy”. I know what I want to do and let the small things sort themselves out.

FYI, lots of people tout the “Round the World Ticket”. To that I say, forget it. If I had one of those, I’d be so constricted and restricted, similar to a married man attending his buddies bachelor party.

I digress.

Supposedly, this  place is a mecca for diving, snorkeling and I’m assuming fishing. I’ve decided not to bother diving, mainly as I am recovering from a 1 month chest infection, as a result, I will snorkel. If they have deep sea fishing, I will most likely go out. I love fishing for big game, anytime.

Bought an additional 16gigs of memory for my camera at Tesco Lotus, yesterday. If you need anything, I suggest you go there. It’s similar to Wal-Mart in North America. Also, I found what I was looking for – PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRTS that are very thin. I bought 9 of them for 435 baht. Much better than anything else I found and now I”m not a walking billboard for someone I’ve never met, will most likely never meet. I don’t understand why people buy brand name undershirts? Can someone enlighten me? Or is it just another way for you to discard your coin as fast, if not faster than you accumulate it?

I don’t know much about this place but am checking it out now and will keep you updated. All I know is that I have a ticket, and the name of the place my friend is staying at.

I have to get out of my guest house by noon, I will lobby for an extension, then spend the rest of the day getting thai massages for ~200 baht / hour. I think 2-3 hours should suffice, may even get a mop chop, it’s humid as all h3ll here. I have no clue how those hippies go around with massive dreads aka dirty bird nests on their melons.

Good day,

map of ko tao island, thailand

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